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O Brother...

The small group called Nova has received an odd letter - it marks a
soldier's life from the Chimeron militia during the siege of Paradise
a couple of years ago. But why would this be sent to them? And why
would a crescent moon necklace be wrapped around it? And why is the
surrounding area of Silverton having strange dreams and reporting
werefolk running rampant in the night?

The veterans and legendary heroes can rest easy - the green
adventurers are on the case! (March 6th, 1009 M.R.)
Two nights later, Baledor hurriedly set up his scrying stuff. Circle of Protection raised, in his rush he fumbled his crystals a couple of times before settling down and casting his protections against magic and protection for his soul. He also readied his Armored Cloak, and glanced out the open door to his Magus, Zeek McKrye, who was lost in a book.

Clearing his mind, Baledor lit the ritual candles and incense, and began to peer into the fire, hoping beyond hope that the flames would intervene and send to his mind the answers he sought.

"Here are my questions, in order of priority," he addressed his circle of empty air and open flame. And if I get too tired or any of my protections get burnt out, I'll stop casting, he thought to himself.

"Where is Faelinn? Where are Ged and Tara? Where is Teddywoof? What can be used as an anchor for Ged's soul? Give me more details about Iawen versus the Black Star Guild; the why, the how, the everything you can. Lastly, what did that piece of soul in a bottle belong to, or who?"

...Where she ought to be.
...not in the same place.
...Ran after its Bond.
...A link in the Mysts.

An image formed in front of Baledor's eyes within his crystal ball, and he saw Iawen working from a desk. She looked up and she frowned; pointing at Baledor directly, she said a couple of words that sounded like gibberish to his ears. The image was then filled with black, and Iawen was obscured from view. Gritting his teeth, Baledor attempted to work through it to get more answers, especially to his last question, but after hours of trying he finally gave up and went to bed. The next morning, Baledor was feeling cold and sick, and stayed in bed all day and night. Boo hiss. - Aven

The next day, two missives were exchanged:
Sir Iawen,

I must apologize for extremely rude behavior yesterday. I am Baledor, and I was responsible for spell yesterday. It was very thoughtless and inconsiderate of me to try to learn something through a spell that I should have simply asked about. I assure you it was not an attempt to spy on you, it was just an inappropriate and improper attempt to learn what happened on Friday. I wanted to know more about what happened to cause the tornado on Friday night. When I knew nothing about it, my spell indicated that it was the result of you opposing the Black Star Guild. At that point I should have just asked you for further information, but it did not occur to me. My divinations have usually been directed at things, places, and ideas that could not be answered by any person, instead of being about people whom I have met, and who can answer for themselves. That may be why it did not occur to me to just ask you, but it still does not excuse the lapse.

I humbly ask your forgiveness. I am still new at divinations and gathering of information, and have learned a valuable lesson in this. I will be careful not to repeat this mistake.

If I may, I am still curious about what happened on Friday night before the Knights of Eagle's Rook brought us out through their portal. Would you please tell me what you know of what happened, and what the Black Star Guild did? I would appreciate any information you are willing to share, but I understand if you do not wish to share anything with me. If there is anything I can do to make amends for my rudeness, please let me know.

Once again, I apologize for my behavior.

March 11th, 1009 M.R.

Apprentice Baledor,

You are correct in that one ought to ask.

I am not an enemy force; I am a knight that works for the Realms. If
I don't wish to speak with you about something, I won't and tell you
as such.

The tornado, the best I can figure, was caused by those who escaped
from the Blue Shield Academy. With the help of my goddess, we were
able to hold it back just long enough to only get Sir Vawn and Sir
Adara to open a gate and get the majority of the adventurers out. It
was my hope that one could force the un-natural storm away, but I am
just one person versus their skilled mages.

How I knew about what was happening was because, like Geophary and
Indana, I am a Seer.

Since you are new to divination I'll also state this: Beware Skew
Divination. Granted, Seers and those of the ilk that use the spells
from the Seer path already know that for the most part. One may cast
whatever they wish, receive an answer, and then interpret it however
one wishes, even going so far as to misdirect others with their own
answers while keeping the Truth to themselves.

Be aware and beware.

- Sir Iawen, KoEF, Wanderer

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