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Who are the Counselors?

Something has been nagging me for a while, but I have never head a
wholly satisfactory response. Is anyone able to elaborate on precisely
what the individual or collective function of the councilors is
intended to be? I understand the final 5 will be there to 'advise' the
queen, and will somehow 'play a role in the final battle', but would
prefer more details. It's difficult to either pursue a task or
recommend another without understanding the job to be done.
Apologies for asking the obvious,

Gideon (and others),

Have you heard the story of Maeb and her Counsel in the First Age? That would probably be a good spot to start with. I don't have all of the details of it, though, so I think Ged or Rel might be better choices to actually tell it.



Do tell. I am sure I had heard some of it before from Rel and Ged, but that would have been when they first approached Gideon and I. Admittedly, I did not pay a lot of attention then.


I will tell what I know. I hope that others will elaborate and correct me as they see fit, because I know that the story I know is incomplete and in some places, probably just wrong. I have been accumulating it from many different sources, and there are bound to be discrepancies.

We all know that in the beginning there was darkness. Then Cuchullain, as a point of light, came out of Bedlam (which at that point was not the horror we know it as today) and entered a plane that already had its own denizens (the Deep Fae). This place was called Faerie. Cuchullain then pulled out another point of light, his Queen Maeb (or Mab, Maeve, or however else you wish to spell it). Eventually, more lights came into this plane and became the Fae. Johan, you might have more insight on the how the Twilight Fae came to be, but that's a slightly different story, I believe.

Cuchullain and Maeb ruled Faerie in a time of peace and prosperity. Maeb was beloved by all, except one, who we will get to later. Here I am a little unsure about the reasons, or if there were any apart from the fact that good rulers keep good counsel, but the king and queen assembled the people that were dear to them and whose wisdom they revered. I don't really know anything about Cuchullain's Counselors, except that I've heard they exist, and would love to hear about them at some point for historical purposes.

Maeb chose five people, or perhaps in a strange way, they chose her, to sit and be her Counsel. There was a sixth who also served her out of love, but his story seems only tangentially related (Gryff, if you would like to share the Rhymer's tale, please do). She chose them all in different ways, and I will share with you the scenarios I know.

Nimbus, the Handmaiden: From what I have gathered, Nimbus and Maeb were confidants and lovers first. Nimbus protected Maeb with all her being, and because of their close bond, was chosen as her personal protector.

Gwydion, the Inventor: Gwydion was a mortal who, at a young age, stumbled into Faerie. Because time works differently in Faerie, he thought that he had only been with them for a short time. When he returned, however, years had passed and the few people who remembered him shunned him from the village, saying he was tainted. Nimbus came to him (this part is from a memory that was seen in his Tower almost exactly a year ago), saying that Maeb would accept him. He decided to give up his normal life and stand beside her, though he retained his mortality.

Rel, the Druid: Rel was originally a human. Whilst hunting the White Stag (Great Stag? The proper name escapes me.), Rel jumped out of the forest, where he had his home, and slew Nimbus, believing her to be a poacher. (Fact check me on this, please.) The phrase "You have slain my Lady's love" was bandied about, but Nimbus was healed, and Rel's tenacity and fierceness became better understood. Maeb eventually offered him a place at her Counsel, and he, I believe, did become Fae.

Rosetta, the Mage: This is somewhat embarrassing, but I do not know the origin of how Rosetta was made a Counselor. I remember someone saying he was the first, but I'm not certain. I believe that they were also very close, and Maeb tasked him with creating magics for the Faeries, hence the first Runes.

Masks, the Dreamer: This story I know very well, if only for the sheer romance of it all. One night, Cuchallain and Maeb were dancing in the garden. It was one of those nights were music pervades the air and there is nothing in your mind except your partner and the beauty of it all. Maeb remarked to Cuchullain that it was the perfect moment, and that she wished it could last forever. As they left, the stars in the sky coalesced and from Space, clothing began to wrap around the air. Every inch was covered. A mask appeared in front of the darkness, giving Masks life. Finally, he pulled one white glove out of Space, and placed it over the darkness at the end of his sleeve. The glove filled out with fingers. He did the same with the other hand and then walked out of the sky and into Faerie.

Throughout the First Age, the Five Counselors aided Maeb, protecting her, guiding her, loving her. They were all extremely close, and despite their differences, they accepted that they were bound by the common thread that linked them all back to their queen.

Nimbus was her sword and shield, keeping back any threats, and acting as a personal bodyguard. At times, she would even masquerade as Maeb, to be used as a decoy in times of danger.

Gwydion was an esteemed artificer, creating the physical objects that Maeb desired or that Faerie needed. As a mortal, I can only assume he was useful whenever someone wanted to know of the human world.

Rel was firey and passionate. With his companion, Tree, he acted as a guardian of the forests and natural areas. (Sorry I don't know more about him.)

Rosetta created the basis for magic in Faerie. He had a large number of students and apprentices, from which the Runes were formed. It should be made clear that the students who allowed themselves to become the essence of the Runes did so of their free will, and were not tortured because of it.

Masks is a little ambiguous to be honest. I would assume that as a Cnuic na Sidhe, he was privy to wisdom and knowledge that the others were not, and through that could give Maeb the guidance she needed. Additionally, he was a jester and entertainer, though his lack of speech was unsettling to some.

And so the First Age flourished. However, there was that one elf who did not love Maeb. Titania was insane from the start, but she was at least smart enough to, with the help of Oberon, plot the downfall of Maeb and Cuchullain and take the throne for herself. This gets into the much debated story of the Purging, which I don't think I could tell accurately enough to satisfy me. If there is someone who would like to, please be my guest.


Pretty good summary from November 1010. She is correct; it is incomplete, but not as bad as I've seen from others. ~Aven
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