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October 25th, 1010 M.R.

"Hey," spoke Freesia, a stack of papers in her arms. "I am mad sending elf-mails today... Wooo!" she half-cheered.
Nimbus chuckled. "I can see you are busy, love. But you said you had a question for me?"
"Yup. Anyway... Laurante a.k.a. Outsider said Saturday night that the person stepping into the Counselor spot will be retiring from adventuring forever. Truth? False? Please let me know?"
Nimbus's smile left her face. Fressia's did a half-second later. "Uh... that is really my only question for now."
"...taking up this position is for life. Just like I did for Mab. This is not a position that is good for glory and then leave on a whim or when it is no longer convenient. ...however, in times of war, sometimes tribes of advanced mortals would find a person, usually a farmer, and go to him, saying 'We are at war, but you are the best at being a tactician. You are our general now.' And he'd lead the armies and achieve great victory. And when they'd ask him what he wanted in return, he'd say... 'To go back to farming.' And they'd let him.

I need your help. All of you. ...if one chooses to leave their duty behind after achieving greatness and go back to adventuring..." Tears well in her eyes but do not fall. "Then that is their choice, and their wish. And I would do anything to respect their wish. I didn't get a choice, Freesia. I died in service to my love, my Queen, my Duty. Humans are blessed that they get a choice at all..."

She turns away, radiating worry. "And that's not something that needs to be advertised. The long and short of it is thus: if even one Counselor isn't there for the war against the Infinite Dark... then it is an incomplete circle with no shield... ...I love you, but please... give me a few moments to be alone with my thoughts."

The Queen thus departed, but Freesia could tell that her Queen's heart was filled with sorrow as she moved away. Freesia nodded, allowing Nimbus to walk away as she herself turned on her heels and headed for the door. Once outside, she breathed in the air deeply, smiled crookedly and with love. I know where home is. Even if my whole family is not with me.
She closed her eyes then and thought of her old house in Creathorne; the tree out back planted with Shean's permission so many years ago using a golden acorn, and began to descend back into the Realms.

I know my choices, and I know what I will do now.
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