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House Building

The sun had long since risen over the palace of Faerie by the time Demetria and Ged finally emerged from their guest room. After retrieving their now cleaned clothing from the servants and being stuffed full on the more than plentiful leftovers from the previous evening’s festivities, they headed out into the forest. Heading generally back the way they came, the couple eventually willed their way back to Tria’s almost reconstructed homestead. The Hillfolk that guarded the entrance was dozing, a lopsided, slightly wilting wildflower wreath draped over him.

After a few brief moments of discussion, they set to work on the finishing touches. The atmosphere around the house seemed to be charged with a radiant sort of energy, as if every air particle was vibrating and letting off a small glow. Both Ged and Tria felt as if they were breathing in summer itself, energizing them and helping them work even more quickly. “It’s almost like instant Gwydion,” Tria remarked at one point, to which Ged replied, “Yeah, but without the attitude.”

By the time the sun was beginning to descend, they had finished everything but the cleanup, though that in itself was no small task. As they set to work trying to clear away the yard and spruce up the garden again, the Hillfolk stirred. “Haroom…well…look at that…” Tria set down the shovel she had brought from the Grove weeks before and sat down next to the sentient rock.

“Morning.” Tria fixed the wreath on his head, so that it was no longer laying across his eyes, and smiled.

The Hillfolk squinted and peered upwards. “You mean, late afternoon…” He twitched a bit as a bumblebee lit upon him, and Tria casually shooed it odd. “You are home earlier than your parents ever were…many moons they would leave, to see friends.”

Tria nodded with a small smile. “I could imagine. We’re almost done.” She pointed over towards Ged, who seemed to be having it out with a vine that had wound its way around his calf and didn’t want to let go. With a chuckle, she turned back to the Hillfolk. “I hope you don’t mind that we’re going to be ruining your solitude.”

“Haroom…” The Hillfolk took a deep, snoring breath. “I have seen many come and go…I will have my solitude again, then it will be taken again, then I will have it again, then…” His words drift off into snores as he resumes his lazy slumber. Tria watches him for a moment then pats him on the top and returns to
her gardening.

The sun was almost down by the time the yard was clean and presentable, save a pile of scraps and wood that the two resolved to take care of at a later date. For the moment, they were exhausted but happy, and they looked at their work for a moment.

After a few minutes of standing there in each other’s arms, just admiring their work, Tria looked up at Ged, smiling widely. “Thank you for the help.” She leaned over and kissed him, throwing her arms around his neck. “It looks so nice. I have no idea if it’s anything like it use to be, but I think my parents would approve.” A grunt came from the direction of the Hillfolk, making Ged smile.

“I think that’s a yes,” he said, pulling her closer to him with a smile. “I think it’s great. Want to take a look inside?” With a wide grin, Tria nodded enthusiastically. They entered the house, hands clasped, and looked around.

“Well it’s…spacious…” Tria looked around, eyeing the rooms, all of which were completely devoid of any furnishings. “I’m sure with all of the renovations Tarnisha is doing, there will be some leftover furniture.” She looked around for minute, nodding approvingly at the work, until a sly grin spread over
her face. “Want to go break in the master bedroom?”

“Break in the…oh…” Ged blinked, eyeing her nervously. “But the bed isn’t even there.”

Tria raised an eyebrow. “…And?” She took his hand, giggling, and pulled him upstairs.
(You can surmise the rest from there. I hear-tell that the Queen of Faerie actually gifted them a living room. - Aven.)
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