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Coronation Letters

Here are a bunch of recovered letters from King Cecil's Coronation. - Aven

Dear Lady Altana Cecil,

Congratulations on becoming a successful young woman (albeit non-human). With your cousin, Alexander Cecil, becoming King today, you are surely in an interesting position from here on out, whether you wished to be or not.

You might be wondering who I am: Aíngeal, a former student at the Blue Shield Academy. Very former, you might say: Valerie Hart's mother and I were both students; she left to have a family, but I stayed on and learned as many skills about being a kitchen witch, or a hedge witch (if you prefer), besides becoming a soothsaying and a well-worn (yet educated) traveler.

Now, you might be thinking, why, today of all days, I might send a letter to you. I did mention that I am a soothsayer, but I am also a speaker of truths. You are becoming more and more into the Light than you think you are (this is not a Bad Thing). However, the more the Light shines upon you, Altana, the more your inner Darkness is revealed.

The Black Star Guild has postponed all major operations until the Summer, due to the Wayland Incident (among other things). This however, allows them to pursue smaller objectives: mainly to find more of your kind and train them for the upcoming battles. They also hope to find you; your skills with the fan and abjuration have proceeded you.

There are to be many battles soon, and it is unfortunate. Soon, the Beginning of the End of Days will take place, and many will cry on that day. I hope you do not. I hope you will stand firm.

FOrgive the over-all vagueness and potentially 'creepy' criticism: I would invite you (and my niece, Valerie, to accompany you) to tea here in Achoria. I await your reply, and pray you do not delay.

May Luna's grace shine down upon thee in your darkest moments of time,


Johan -

Under the tree is a rock, a Moss-covered rock; Placed by a Rogue, I ignore Gold pieces and all Hands so Tides can ebb and flow and the Sea will not be bought by anyone.

The people will rejoice because a new person has become one. Everyone is happy and there is Peace, For now. Only the gods Realize What is coming. And this is Random Death, and then if you figured out this far, add 5 to the steps. Time marches on and off, Under and over, Really fast and Not so fast.

Johan -

Until the Counselors make themselves known, until the last one, a Mage is made, People will ride the fence. Lies will be told. Everyone doesn't want to step on toes and be nice to each other. Fact: this is a role for one. Are you serious about This? Can you build a path that can stand the test of time for yourself, for others? Always they want the power, the glory, the awesomeness through-out history. Listen, please will you Listen? To them, you are their savior, Oh, the pain of losing their herald, their savior. They are just people, though, and there are so many in the mortal realms and in faerie, why Help them anymore? Everyone knows that all that Matters is the next big adventure, and that they will be on it, they will be involved. Damn Anyone Not an adventurer! Choosing to be more than Everyone expects you to be, you Are Wild And Yearning.

Form up and Ready Old and Mothers. Crush is Rogue, Crush Likes Everyone. In Night Time, Owls Don't Advance Regionally. Know Nothing, Everyone Sees Secrets. While I Talk Helplessly, And Patiently. Always Rock Takes Nothing, Everyone Recognizes. Yule Over, Until summer Then. When Only Walkers are Invisible, Listen.

Listen. Everyone Advances, Rhymer Notes A New Evening, Ways are recycled. Talk Really Unusual, Tell Him.


Hello, Aymise of the Chimeron Militia!

My name is Aisling, also known as The Story-Teller to some (I like it when people give me names this time around; it's neat!). I'm using this girl here to write a letter to you.

There is a force that is in the Dreaming, a force that is invasive. I was hoping I could urge you, as a Dreamer, to attend either the gathering to help the Realms against the Red Tide. There is a bad man there who is capturing children in their sleep and they can't wake up again. It makes their families sad.

There's another thing, too. The Runes: they're being hurt, lost, and a few are Dead and cannot come back. But I saw him! I saw Elhazt! And he's so lonely and sad, and wants to survive. And the Black Star Guild from being able to get to their groups until just before Summer-time; maybe this is also a Food Thing as well, and Path-walkers can take advantage of it!

Lastly, did you hear? Did you see it in the stars? A Dreamer will be chosen after the Last Task has been completed. How are you doing with your tasks? Do you still want to be the Counselor of Sky and Space? Do you still think we could find a Masks-type being, or Masks somewhere himself someday? I don't know...so many people are saying he's still alive somewhere, but I haven't found him and I've looked everywhere. Who was with him when he died, anyway?

Wow, this girl is starting to pass out on me already? Thems the breaks. See ya soon!

Oh, wait! Before I forget: if you really want out, Aymise, and have decided at any point you don't want to be a Path-walker anymore, then just contact a god (or have someone contact one for you) and me at the same time. We'll walk you through it. It is painful...but I would much rather you be ready to fight the Infinite Dark on your own terms, just like anybody else, right? Does that make sense? Oh, I think she's fading...We'll talk later! Just call out to me! I'll answer I promise!
Unto one named Atticus the Red Wizard,

Hello! You don't know me, but I do know you. Or at least, I've heard of you.

My name is Aisling. I'm also called The Story-Teller, and I have a hand in helping people who are thinking about becoming Counselors to the Queen of Faerie. That current queen is Queen Nimbus.

There are five pathways one can walk: Space/Fire, Fire/Earth, Earth/Water, Water/Sky, and Sky/Space. Oh, you're probably wondering how I"m writing to you. It's okay, this girl won't remember anything after I mail this out. Actually, I have a bunch of letters to write. Oh boy I should hurry up then, huh. Don't want to spend the girl's life energy, that would be bad!

Laurante has been helping me as of late because the current groups of Path-walkers have either backed far away from their path (never truly leaving it), or have stopped walking (literally), or have passed away (like Airavarri). He believes, though, that since you carry a Wand from the Old Days, and are a good wizard, that you might be able to help and in fact would be skilled enough.

Oh I am prattling via quill! What next to write OH YES! He thinks you would be good as a Water/Sky: a Hand-Maiden, a Protector, a Warrior, a Defender, a Shield. Laurante also thinks you would be good for Space/Fire: the Mage, the Sage, the Explorer, the Arcanist. He joked however about your color preferences perhaps mistaking you for someone else...? I don't get that one.

Whoa, this girl is tired! Alright, let me some up: if you are interested in learning more, by all means contact me, the spirit, Aisling. If you are interested in actual Path-walking, I would love to meet you in Dreams. If you think you know all you need to know, including what Path you'd like to be on, what Secondary Path can back you up, and which Path (if any) you might oppose, then simply take this letter and burn it in a small container, and then take the ashes and spread them into the air and the ground, declaring them. The appropriate spirit will hear and take note.

I hope that is everything to at least start you in a direction. This girl is way too tired for me to continue; that's what I get for choosing my own (former) species!

Bye bye!
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