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Scattered Missives 1009

June 26th, 1009
Unto the people of the Realms,
I recently received a letter from my Papa, about the things that happen in my home, horrible things, and I feel that we need to do something to help. I refuse to allow another innocent person to die at the hands of my hometown. I intend to go, with or without help, but I would prefer it if people came to help me stop them. You have to understand, the people in the town I grew up in hate magic, fear it even. They kill people who use it, who they even think use it. Any of you who wish to come with me who practice magic of any kind, be forewarned that it will be especially dangerous for you. If its not worth the risk to you, then don't come.

Azure Guard

July 1st, 1009
Dear Momma,
Joyous Litha! I know itís a week late, but Iíve been so busy rebuilding my house back in Faerie. Itís finished now, apart from some furniture, and it looks great! I know Papa probably wonít want to set foot in Faerie, but you should come visit. I bet you would like it; we put in a giant kitchen and a moon room and everything!
Anyway, I wanted to ask you something. I know when I was little you did some occasional ďspirit talkingĒ and I was wondering if you knew how to make Sťance Potions. One of my friends really needs to talk to a spirit of someone close to her, and I told her I would ask you. If I could get one in the next few days, I promise Iíll churn butter next time I come home.
Speaking of which, Iím going to be finishing up on the house soon then heading to Coventry, so Ged and I might be able to stop by for a day or two on the way. Then again, I donít really know where Coventry is, so it may not be on the way. Oh, and Ged sends his love.
Iíll talk to you soon. Tell Papa I say hello and I miss him.
Love and hugs,
July 2nd, 1009
My darling Tria,

How'd you know it be a week late? You best churn butter when you come
back, no exceptions!
Your papa has thought about adding another mutt to the house- I
threatened to leave I did!
We shall see about Faerie, Tria dear... I like me own two feet on the
ground. You understand,

I can make your friend a potion, yes, but it will take some time.
Where do I send this when done?
We love and miss you all at home.
- Momma
My friend, Tara, needs it. She's in Chimeron's Azure Guard, so you can either send it to the castle, or to Rel's Grove. I can give it to her from there. Thank you so much! I love you both, and tell Papa that Thalia probably won't tolerate a new puppy. She nearly turned Rayne into doggy ribbons when we got her, and Rayne was there first!

Love you,
(September 27th 1009)
To Whom it May Concern,

I formally and humbly request an audience with Her Majesty, The Queen Nimbus of Faerie at her earliest convenience. Due to a religious commitment, I will be unavailable after October 25th. If she is unable to see me before then, I would greatly appreciate the ability to correspond with her via letters. My business pertains to developments regarding a task with which she has entrusted me. I feel she should be aware of said developments and my proposed actions in response to them. I appreciate her time and consideration.

Demetria Highwater
Priestess of Luna
Unto the Priestess of Luna, Demetria Highwater Half-Fae,


As Faerie prepares for the Blood Moon, and Mortals prepare for the
Harvest Moon, we cannot help but notice that many people wish to
suddenly 'have audience' with His & Her Majesty.

There is a good chance this might happen/take place on perhaps a
Tuesday or a Wednesday evening of this week. That is, if you would
just name a time and date. See, we know that Mortals have 'time' to
follow, and we tend not to adhere to that sort of thing.

At any rate, responding to this letter post-haste would be
advantageous for you in getting your request potentially fulfilled.
- Zinnia, Scribe for Queen Nimbus Borealis Bouquet
Madam Zinnia,

Thank you for swift reply. Wednesday would be the most convenient day for me, some time in the afternoon or, if Her Majesty prefers to wait until her other affairs for the day are complete, at 9 PM (mortal Realms time of course). If this is not amenable to the queen, I will do all I can to make time when she is available.

Thank you again,
Demetria Highwater
I wasn't able to scry on the situation, nor get a transcription of what was even said or took place. - Aven
(November 24th 1009)Queen Nimbus,

I'm not sure how best to put this, so I will do as I normally do and be frank and direct. Lady Freesia has instructed me to inform you I am working for her in securing the sword Niall's Tears and for ensuring Ged does not become drunk with power by the influencing Rosetta.

I make no notions to understand what this means to you, but will deliver this message as told.

Quazar Kal'Amar
Priestess of Eris

I could not find any reply when scrying, if there was any. - Aven

Queen Nimbus,

I think I failed to respond properly to your last letter to me. Forgive me for not following up sooner. Yes I would greatly appreciate you going on with your knowledge of the Bone Mistress and the Hand of Blood. If you are no longer inclined to provide me with this information, I understand.

Thank you,

Quazar Kal'Amar
Priestess of Eris
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