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Definition: You are the defender and protector of all Life. But Good does not Mean Nice. You do what your heart tells you, but the evil you see about you and within you can be overwhelming at times. Yet you struggle on, knowing that Good shall always triumph.

Group Goals: There are 8 Group Trials, one from Each Aspect. You will gain points both for you and for your team for every Group Goal that is accomplished. Listed are your Goals. How you accomplish them is up to you. Some of them you can try more than once, some only once, some are on-going. It will be apparent at the time which is it for you. The Trials are:

Order: Solve the puzzle and follow Order’s rules.
Chaos: Chaos is disrupting the Trials. Root it out and destroy it.
Good: Defend the Light as long as you can.
Evil: This challenge is unknown. For true evil is always Hidden. Find its challenge and “win”.
Nature: At Night the Huntress hunts the Hunter, as the Hunter hunts her by Day. Be with them, keep one or the other from harm; you must choose.
Void: If any have been scalped, their souls lie at the end of Void’s Challenge. As an individual or as a group, either all souls that are there or 1 item may leave.
Aura: Endure its Challenge as long as possible
Darkness: Find your way in, then find you way out. If you can. Do not succumb to the Darkness of emotion.

Fatility scores:: You will gain the most points by ridding the Trials of any upon the Evil Team, Loose points if killed or scalped by the Evil Team, will loose points if Converted to the Evil Team. Other Teams will come in conflict with you. Points will be one or lost depending on the Aspect and the Reason for the kill or scalp. It is, ultimately, up to you how your points will lie.

Conversion: You will gain the most points for converting other contestants, even more if they convert willingly.
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