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In The Lap of the Gods I

In the Lap of the Gods

The Site
On the night of October 18th of this year, a gateway will be opened at dusk (6 p.m.) to the Realms on the crossroad between Nymphus Yarrow/Blackwood, Cawydll, and the Red Woods/Folkestone. Please set up your tents outside the gate, for when the tournament is over, the Realms will no longer be accessible.

The Game Keeper
Inside the gate, you'll find fine one of the Order. Please sign in with them, so that the Order knows you are entering the trial. Once you are ready to begin the trials, which will officially be starting one hour after the gate opens, you must first check-in with The Game Keeper, who will be positioned under the Resting Pavilion. If you have thought far enough ahead to pre-registered, The Game Keeper will place your Token on the Scoring Board, hand you your complete packet and you may begin. Your packet will be mostly the same information you are receiving now... mostly. If you have not pre-registered, you must declare your Aspect and Ability to The Game Keeper. He will give you your packet then and the Trial begins for you.

Resting Pavilion
For safety, there is no combat allowed within or around the Resting Pavilion. Please keep all fighting outside a ten foot radius of the pavilion. There is a steel wire around it, and so it is dangerous. The Order will have it all lit, but as these are tournaments we'd rather you not be injured in this manner. Food and drink will be available to refresh yourself within the pavilion.

Your score is based on one of five requirements: Group goals, Individual Quests, Converts, Fatality Scores, and how well you represent your Aspect with the other three requirements. More points are awarded to those who are a good representative of their Aspect. Further, just because you fail a challenge or personal quest does not mean you do not gain points. Some tests and trials: the only way to score IS to fail. You must use your own judgment to guide you.

Individual Quests: Obtaining and Completing
You will not be given Individual Quests beforehand. To go on an Individual Quest, you must request one from The Game Keeper. He will offer you a folder; take the top quest from the folder. You may choose to Fail a quest and pick another one, but it will count against you as a Failure. One you have completed the quest, return to the Keeper and either show him proof of your success or that you have failed. Place your quest at the bottom of the folder. If you wish another quest, take it from the top.

Group goals/Success and Failure
Each group has eight goals: a challenge from each Aspect. Once you encounter one, it will ask you what your Aspect is and you MUST answer truthfully in order to score properly. Your results will be tabulated by the Aspect; there is no need to go to The Game Keeper about this.

You do not have to stay with the Aspect you started with. Perhaps you have chosen poorly and you believe you fit better on another team. You can choose to Convert; simply walk up to The Game Keeper with your Aspect sheet and say you wish to Convert. Hand in your Aspect sheet and you will be given your new Aspect sheet. The Game Keeper shall put your token on the proper side of the board. You do not lose your accumulated points and you may not convert back willingly (i.e. without a spell or ability affecting you). There are also Challenges and Abilities that can Convert you. In these cases, you will follow the new Aspect willingly, loyally and to the best of your ability; such is the spell. In these cases, it is up to the converter to tell an Aspect or The Game Keeper about the Conversion as soon as possible (and bring the converted as proof): you do not get points if someone is converted away from you and you did not get the chance to tell the Aspects or The Game Keeper.

Fatality Scores
Each of you starts with an undisclosed Fatality Score. Depending on your Aspect, you have points added or detracted from that score depending on: how often you die, the number of contestants you kill (and what their Aspect is), and how many (and who) you scalp and how often you are scalped. How this affects your score is explained in the Aspect part of the instructions.

Death and Scalping
If you die, you have a choice. You may stay dead until healed (not always a good idea, considering), or you may Zombie Walk to The Game Keeper. Once your death has been recorded by The Game Keeper, you are alive, but any armor, spells, and abilities are still used.
If you are scalped, you have a choice. You may choose to lie there (there are people and creatures that can raise a scalped corpse), or you may Zombie Walk back to The Game Keeper. Hand your scalp token to The Game Keeper; you will now fight for the Void team and be considered UnDead until your scalp is returned to you.
For the purpose of this game, there is a Scalping Rule change: when scalped, hold on to you scalp if you are Raised with a Power spell (explained later), you will raise as normal. If you have lost your soul (in that you can't find it), you can talk to the Game Keeper for a "new" one. Only a Power Spell or a Call the Soul combined with a Raise Dead will raise a scalped person.

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