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Randomness for the sake of randomness. You could be alone, or in groups (anyone got some rubbers?) It’s your thing, do what you want! Kill, Kiss, same thing, as long as it’s fun and not that Order boring crud.

Group Goals:
There are 8 Trials, one from each aspect. All the other teams have to achieve “goals”, but that’s not for you. In fact, you gain Group Points only by making sure they stay confused and fail in their quests. By any means you find fun, that’s all you have to do. The more chaos, the more points. Just make sure the Aspects or the Game Keeper know what you are doing, just not the players.

Fatility scores::
Yeah. You get points. So long as whatever you do is interesting and it messes with the other teams.

Just a suggestion: The BEST way to score points is to voluntarily infiltrate the other teams by “Converting” and then mess up and confuse all their plans, whether it be Group or Individual, from the inside. Oh, did I mention? All Chaos teams players are immune from conversion spells or Abilities. And you do not have to tell them it doesn’t work, unless they use divinatory magic to figure it out. Heck, if you can convince more than one team you have converted to their side, you’ll get increasingly more points, the more Aspects think you are on their side!

So have fun, and remember: it’s not over until the Fat Lady sings, and even then you can poke her with a stick!
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