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The Hidden Order

Instrumental in the fight against Wrake & Rein... or were they?

(from Phoenix Dawn-Cry Nosetti in 1011 M.R.) The Hidden Order
They could share memories as a group, which is how they share information. They exist to take down gods that are destroying the balance of a universe hopefully before they war among themselves. (God Wars) “created” Yannith through ancient information brought in by new members of the Order and ancient texts. Said texts are the same that were used by Taenitek, the Dark Carnival, in Red Autumn (formally Jurati, Helios), and more “whens”. Also referred to as Unseen, meaning unseen by the gods, both in work and power.

The Forces of Time and Death Cursed them. In the final words of Wormwood; "Death and Chronos did not Curse us. They were trying to Save us and this universe from the power we had rediscovered. Tried to have it used to a good end, as good as it could possibly be. Because Yannith is not an equalizer. It was meant to unravel it all. It is a weapon that allows these Strangers to take the place of existing gods. It’s their magic. And thus, the final thought I came to. We are not Unseen. We are seen by Them. These Strangers. Because it’s their power we are using. All this time, we have been doing their bidding. Some ancient race was able to undo whatever They want, and we brought them back. And since we Know, we are no longer of any use to them. All of our powers are gone. All of our magics have stopped working."

The story goes that the gods of that land were still young, like petty children. There was a group of men who wanted to stop these gods, since they would destroy too much and too many lives. They researched magics and ways to stop the gods. The first was a ritual that hid them from these deities. The gods destroyed more, trying to find them. It took them many years, and many generations, but they created a Yannith, testing it on a demigod. The demigod died, and they were happy. They made more, slaying the gods of their world. They believed that their world was ruled by mortals alone. The ones that made the final blow on the gods, they grew in power. They took on the energies and Aspects of the gods they slew. Those who slew more than one were obliterated: it was too much for a mortal body. They then became gods. The few who were left mortal and alive were visited by Time and Death. They explained the powers that were unleashed, and cursed them to be truly hidden. Never dying, never aging; causing all that touched them to wither and die. They would never know the pleasures of the flesh, of food, of love. Severed completely. In short, they were given totally what they desired. A Hidden Order.

The second thing that came to be was that they were to maintain the balance between gods. When the gods began to war, it was up to the Hidden Order to find a replacement. If none could be found, the gods would be removed, and a Ker Al’ian found to protect the realm instead. In this last battle, the Hidden Order sacrificed themselves to make weapons that would aid them in the final protection of their world. All but one; Wormwood. In these past few years, he has begun his work again, to build the Order, to prepare for the next God War.
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