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Definition: All things serve you, are meant to give you power, even other evil things. Anything not to these ends should be destroyed, completely. Screw rules, screw “lofty” goals. Yours is the most basic of all humanity. Take everything. Use everything. Kill that which will not kneel and kiss your feet. And possibly kill them too.

Group Goals: There are 8 “Group” Trials, one from Each Aspect. Who the hell cares? If they don’t give you Power, they are of no use to you, but here it goes.

Order: Destroy the Keeper of this Trial. If you can. Else make sure no one else can complete this Trial.
Chaos: Chaos is disrupting the Trials. Help them as much as possible to spread their plague of confusion for it aids your ultimate goals.
Good Steal the Light and dispel it. Destroy the Keeper, if possible, and its protecting spirits. It is not as easy as it sounds.
Evil: Find her and help her with her plans. She will augment your powers if you succeed in her tasks.
Nature: At Night the Huntress hunts the Hunter, as the Hunter hunts her by Day. Destroy them Both.
Void: If any have been scalped, their souls lie at the end of Void’s Challenge. Sabotage the Challenge so that none can succeed.
Aura: Endure its Challenge as long as possible. Destroy it if possible.
Darkness: Find your way in, destroy that which is within, then find you way out. If you can.

Fatility scores:: You will gain the most points by scalping contestants on any other team, Loose points if killed or scalped, will loose points if Converted any other Team. Other Teams WILL come in conflict with you. Points will be one or lost depending on the Aspect and the Reason for the kill or scalp. It is, ultimately, up to you how your points will lie.
Conversion: You will gain even more points for converting other contestants. And even more by Converting them then sacrificing them to Evil.
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