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One Version of Heraldry

Type of Missve: Private missive, Samuel Rathe to Iris Elenor Tranes IV
Date: 12/15/1002
Responses: none
M'Lady Iris, Greetings!

Please forgive the delay of the reply. So many contacts and contracts, so little time. Here's what I know of the Office of Master Herald...

Before the year 992, much was said of trying to create a compilation of the Heraldry of the Realms of Wonder. Rather, much was *said*, but little was *done*. Until the Gathering known as the Duke of Glendale V, where Remissil Blackmane, Lord of Dragon's End, announced that he would take up the cause. Within a year, he had compiled about nine-tenths of the banners available, roughly sixty different devices.

Soon, Lord Blackmane began to barter copies of the tome to any who would ask, and for whatever they could offer or afford. Dol Kugan Amerosh himself bound the original copy in leather; Sir Sean O'Quinnlan gave five bottles of mead and five Creathorne Silver. By far the most cherished offer was by Sir Highrider himself in the form of one of the original Darkvale Silver, otherwise known as a "Wish Coin". For his part, Lord Blackmane gave an up-to-date copy of the Heraldry, and would further supply the owners with new pages each year.

In the year 996, however, a sort of deepening gloom fell upon Lord Blackmane, and his presence in the Realms was little known. It is rumored that a demon known as a "GrynDhal" had ravaged Dragon's End, and Remissil would stop at nothing to avenge the lost. A year later, at the Knightly Inferno Gathering, he had me, as his executor, dispose of as much of his worldly possessions as possible in whatever manner seemed appropriate. For the Office, he gave these instructions: I was to create a spontaneous...."tourney"....of sorts. Whoever came to me over the course of the Gathering with the largest number of different writing systems would become the new Herald. The thought was that anyone who showed a significant interest in the knowledge of the writings of the Realms would also be eager to learn as much as possible, and would impart that knowledge (hopefully) impartially.

To my regret, I cannot remember the name of who the winner was. What I do recall was that he did *not* bring the greatest number of runes. That honor was for Sir Sean. However, this other person had learned of my intent on the first morn, and set about gathering his compilations *from that moment*. Sir Sean had spent years in his learning and acquiring writing systems. What he gathered in years, the Other gathered *in hours*--well, almost as many. That level of eagerness and intensity was just what the Office demands, and thusly this Other got the job.

After some years through other portals and Realms Beyond, I got word that Sir Sean had indeed become the new Herald. What he did with the Office, I have no idea. I know him to be a fair--if somewhat harsh and lacking in tact--and just man, and I trust he did honor to the title.

I've only recently returned, as has been mentioned, so I know not if Sir Sean still holds the Office. My own nephew, Cryndwll, who learned at Lord Blackmane's elbow, used his knowledge beyond the Storm Portal in the Realm of Miller's Reach as the King's Herald. However, politics and chaos have driven Cryndwll hither, and he may be interested in attaining the Office himself. I know he has definite ideas on the Craft and how it can best serve the Realms.

The Master Herald should be responsible for gathering a compilation of the banners of the known lands, people and guilds, much like the precedent set by Lord Blackmane. He should also give counsel when asked or where needed, as to the design of new devices within the Realms. Whether by sale, barter or gift, the tome should be made available to any who ask--most importantly, to those above the rank of Earl. I have been advised to visit the library of the Southern Wastes, as its Heraldry is rumored to be impressive. I have, and it isn't. There are more new banners flying than ever, and many once revered trampled to dust. Someone must take on the task.

Are you interested? Do you wish to merely help? Do you have any qualifications? Are you willing to learn of the Art and Science of Heraldry? Do you have unanswered questions? Please feel free to respond at your convenience to the keep, where we may continue this discourse. Your apparent interest gladdens me.

Samuel Rathe, Justicar of Rathkeale

I wasn't all that interested, to be fair, but if it's one thing I'd like to keep on top of, its heraldry. Gotta know who your friends and foes are, right?

...I don't recall ever responding back, actually. Enh. - Iris Elenor Tranes IV, Peddler of Smiles (02/18/1008 M.R.)
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