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Rosetta's account

Written by: Sir Rosetta
Date: 1018
These are some details about myself and my past which I am recording to notice if they change. I am writing three copies of this, to place around the Realms, so that if I ever find a disagreement between any and each other or my memories, I will know that I have caught tampering, potentially with the timeline.

Know that I do this in total seriousness and earnestness. There is a time and a place to be capricious. This is not one of them.

I am Rosetta, Mage Counselor of Space and Fire to Her Majesty, Queen Nimbus of all Faerie from Danann. I am a Knight of the Red Branch, and a Knight Protector of Faerie, first knight annointed by Sir Tara Fae-Eternal. We watch over the Fae Wylds, for threats from without and within.

I belong to Clan Rua Thar Cinn of Chimeron, a subnation of mages founded by Sir Magus Laird Rel Zhirah. We have had many differences in the past, but love, respect, and support each other. Chimeron is a kingdom of culture and magic, lead by His Majesty, Sir Magus Alexander Cecil.

I was born in Faerie, in the distant mists of the First Age, or earlier. I learned magic from a foul old being, including the basics of my Runes. I killed my former master, by accident, when he made my dear friend Berkano into the Rune of Strength and Size, and soon after was met by Queen Maeb, who became one of the loves of my life. I mastered the Runes myself and became her Counselor, along with four others, including Rel. For a time, we were the greatest friends and companions. However, I grew jealous of the bonds to Cnuic na Sidhe the others shared, and wished for one of my own. The being that answered my calls became my undoing, as it was a child of Ethan, Titan of Horror, and though it hid its true nature from me, it whispered poison in my ear.

As prophetic echoes of the Purging that was to come reached us, I became convinced that the King could not protect my Queen, and sought to protect her at any cost. This ended in me joining with the usurper, Duke Oberon, in his quest to conquer Faerie. I took it upon myself to kill or imprison my former friends, the Counselors, so they could not stop me. I succeeded, but still was unable to save my Queen from being struck down by Wayland blades. I was distraught and began to see what I had become, but before I could otherwise act, I was captured by Oberonís servants, and ritually imprisoned in the Mysts of Forgetfulness, bound by the servantsí blood.

An Age later, cultists of the demon Chavala asked her to gift a newborn with power. She took essence from me in my prison, and placed it in the child, who grew up Ged, a human boy knowing nothing of our soulís true nature.

As Ged, I learned wizardry and basic academics. I knew nothing of my parentsí pasts, but fell in with a small cult of my own. I had developed a sense of morals, however, and left it when my line was crossed. I left Ivory, where I had grown up, and began to travel the Realms. I met Tara, a runaway from her village, and Indana, and we were found and trained by the Chimeron militia.

The Rites of War had just ended, and the Bedlam war was having its first skirmishes. I learned to use my magic to protect myself, and to see truths from the Universe. I became convinced of the level of threat that Bedlam would pose to reality, and threw myself into learning how to combat it.

I discovered that the Five Counselors were individuals who had been key to the structure of the First Age and would be essential to helping the Queen survive the Bedlam War. It took time, but I learned their history, and that I was one of them. I was forced to reconcile my self-image as Ged with Rosetta: Mage, Faerie, and Traitor.

I grew close to Rel, and to Janus, and together we formed Clan Rua Thar Cinn, and soon after, the woman I was courting, Demetria, became our first petitioner. Tara discovered her Harkon heritage and adopted me as her brother. I married Demetria, who also joined my Clan as a full member, and we gained two more petitioners, Saka and Baledor, who joined us in time as well. I was taken as an Apprentice to Rel, and later a Squire to Laurante.

The Black Star Guild, mages using knowledge shared by my students fleeing the Purging, hunted myself, Tara, and others who were dear to me. We fought them for years. I eventually led a ritual which forced the Truth as I knew it into the minds of all who called themselves members of the Guild, revealing the secret plans of their masters. The results were brutal, with many committing suicide. This broke the Guildís ability to pose a significant threat outside of their strongholds.

I learned who I was, and spoke with the rest of myself, in a manner sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile. I gained much skill with my Runes, and transformed to reflect the Faerie nature of my soul once more. The new followers of the Counselors debated how to protect the Queen. I prepared myself, after an enormous argument, to allow someone else to become the Counselor of Space and Fire to Queen Nimbus, but she was a follower of a chaotic deity and turned it away just as I made the pronouncement. Having proven to even myself that I was not seeking the position for my own power, I stepped forwards once more as the best candidate.

In a desperate, climatic attempt, I and my allies ventured into the Mysts, through the Black Star Guildís most fortified position, and we slew a great beast of eyes and teeth from beyond the stars which they had summoned. After, at the spot in the Mysts closest to my prison, I was out of time and plans. I used what energy I had remaining, which included the life force of my friends, to shatter the prison. I touched my own chest and we merged to become one once more, and the explosion slew everyone else who had made it this far. Shane Stillwater died his final death for me, that day.

As the newest and final Counselor, I set about protecting Queen Nimbus as the Bedlam war grew more intense. I comforted her as I could in the Palace as Bedlam encroached on more and more of Faerie, and as we were finally forced to abandon it for the mortal Realms.

We learned the truth of Bedlam from Pater Yule, and prepared a final assault. Laurante directed me to a piece of Wellman magic which, when I solved it, taught me the secret of Bedlam, which broke my mind such that I have since wiped it from my memory. With this secret, I was able to command Bedlam, to an extent.

When we entered Bedlam, I remained careful, as I always had in Gedís life. I ventured to the front only when I needed to, and used my knowledge and magic to help wherever I could. As we approached Mad Tom himself, Laurante gave me a field promotion to Knight of the Red Branch. Moments later, Mad Tom reached out and consumed the artifacts we had been using to bring light, magic, and life into his domain. A powerful magical effect gave us a handful of seconds during which we could speak and gather ourselves. When it was about to run out, I used a blast of my own magic to extend it further, which was followed up by another, and this let us stay together and survive until we reached Mad Tomís five heads, a spot which was miraculously the Realms due to a time loop created years ago. The heads were stabbed, and I joined the last charge down Thomasí throat to where we destroyed his black heart.

In the aftermath of the war, the Courts departed to Danann, revealed as our ancestral home. I joined my Queen, as I knew I would. However, I also did not wish to truly abandon the Realms I still loved either. I had planted a suggestion that the Mortal Court mark the victory in the War with a ritual marking the triumph of Hope over Madness and Horror. At my further suggestion, King Cuchullainís Force of Will strengthened the hold of the ritual in reality.

I departed with my wife and with the Queen, and we lived in peace in Danann for time untold. Other victims of Bedlam now found Danann to be their reward, meaning I was reunited with my first Queen, Maeb, and truly had my every desire fulfilled.

When the time was right, I departed Danann, to return to the Realms for a time. I fixed upon the ritual as a beacon that stretched through Space and Time, and found myself at the Black & White, one year after the War was won. Though a quirk of my magic left me present but trapped on the other side of a locked door, Magus Tam Lin wrote a stronger truth in which I could remain once more.

In the time since, I have sought to further the roles of magic and Faerie in the Realms. I embrace the warmth of Fire and the cold of Space. I know who I am to an extent that I do not need to prove it. I will be serious when it suits me, mischievous when I wish, a Trickster as the mood takes me, and I seek to help mortals to the extent that I still remember how. I teach my Runes to those who are interested, and tell stories of the histories I was present for. Tara welcomed me into the Knight Protectors of Faerie, and gave me the Faeblade Redemption, representing what I must bring to some, and what I earned for myself through my actions in the war. I have several students who learn magic from me, and a Squire to my order, Ivan. Little holds my attention like the War with Bedlam did, but that is not really a bad thing. There is still magic to learn, stories to tell, secrets of Faerie to plumb, and mortals to delight.

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