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Dame Altana Cecil's Will

Author: Dame Altana Cecil
Date: 9-1013
I, Altana Cecil, of sound mind, body, and soul do write this last will and testament in the event that I might pass or will no longer be able to carry out my duties as Head Mistress of the Three Shops - the Jade Dragon Tea House, Onyx Tortoise Bathhouse, and Sapphire Phoenix Coffee Roasters.

In this document I now leave my final wishes to be carried out after I pass into the next life.

To the People of Chimeron, I leave Sapphire Isle and the coffee plantation. As I made it a refuge to those who lost their homes to Bedlam, so now may it profit my homeland as they rebuild and move forward without my guidance. To stand in my place I leave Sonya "Isabella" DeMartres as head of the roasting house and overseer of the care and well being of the plantation. Sonya will be sole caretaker and house mother, and will answer to his majesties' orders.

In the matter of the Onyx Tortoise Bathhouse, I leave this to Yipp and Aldamar of Val Dara. As caretaker and house mother, Eve Windsor will answer to Yipp. May it's profits be invested toward the future generations of the Realms. A portion of this profit will go towards Highbridge University to benefit a scholarship to our future spell casters.

In the matter of the Jade Dragon Tea House, I leave this to my sister, Tea Master Demetria Highwater, and brother in spirit, Quinn. This house was made to be a safe haven for all who come to the Realms. As the house was envisioned to be a place of commune and peace, so shall it remain to the Realms as a ground where all are made equal. The tea girls that I have saved and given shelter to, will now look to you, Demetria and Quinn, as their High Mistress/Mother Mistress, and Godfather. Treat them well and take any young lady in need of a safe haven, so that they might learn to feed themselves.

To my Dear Cousin, King Sir Alexander Cecil of Chimeron, I do not wish for you to face this world alone. I have known loneliness and it was not until you opened the doors of your house and arms to me that I found that the love of family is much deeper than blood itself. To you, I leave someone in most need of your care. I fear she will be lost without me. She has not been able to speak to anyone since I found her, but she follows me around when I am home. The girls call her "Sayeh", since she follows me like a shadow. She has been mute since the day I found her... perhaps meeting you will inspire her to speak again. You opened your arms and name to me once, do not let my passing lock them forever. You both will need each other. Sayeh needs you, she needs a family like Chimeron, a Cousin...an Uncle... Like you.

In the event of my death, there is a final letter to be read to those that knew me. These are my final wishes, make them so...
Oh yes... And keep Magnus and Kahlenar away from the girls. I'll not have my hard work turn into a demi-god baby factory, or a geisha brothel for pirates after my demise.

Read by Magus Quinn, Herald of Chimeron, at Black & White 1013
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