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Sir Shean O'Quinnlin's Notes

Shean O'Quinnlin's Journal

I have left home and ventured south past the mountains into lands of promised wealth. A round happy human told me of these lands where I would find riches beyond compare. Perhaps he has found a gate to the fabled City of Song / Coramandar. It would be nice to see where elves gathered with all races in harmony even if in just it's ruin;


Arrival in the lands called realms

Outing in the country:

Well he didn't lie. Sebastian said there was much wealth and beauty in the lands south of my home. This place Rrathcluin has much to offer. And this lord Bhenn, if his lands are as wealthy as told I can stand to make good money here..

Met some nice people from Heidencries, Sean Angus seams to be the elder of this bunch. He talked of several lands south of here. Is the land so big as to house these people with out land disputes? Humans bread like the orcs with out care or planning. So many of them. Have been hired as a hunter I guess these people are not very good in the woods..


Sacking of Rathcluwin:

The castle Gillmane is open and we are to scale the walls pillage it and then change sides. Nice game but where are the females? Ah the drink is strong but lacks the recopies of home perhaps I will treat these folk to elfin drink..


Maiden Quest

Darkwing has done it now, I told him I didn't like him taking females as treasure. Now there are a whole bunch of people coming to get the girls back.. I am out of here these guys are not what I thought.. Met some people from lands south called Fennmiere, Cheswick has some very smooth smoke made from the woods (knickknack, cedar bark and yarrow) better than tobacco and reminds me of elder berries. Ah home I wonder what Fawn is doing, most likely picking on Donald. Perhaps I should write home today... Have met some nice people and a very pretty woman Fenora I think she is with Cheswick though.. Other names to remember, Lady Dee, Margaret a barmaid, Solomon (spear man), Keith Sterling, Nigel and Tardell. These were the fun ones.

Water war:

Finally another elf I can relate to Wildchild, a wild Elf for sure... Untamed and drinks from a bowl! His ways are rash but true he told me of others like us in the west woods.. Will have to seek them out. They to are wild but Elves none the less. The fire is nice and the songs better, the stories are larger than life. Nice to have some of the good things in life.

Played cards with Sean Angus, Wildchild, Strider and Duncan McCloud. The sun was almost up so we figured we better sleep for at least a few hours. We polished off ten gallons of my brew no hangovers pretty good! Brothers recipe is nice.

Feast of Minn II

I have been introduced me to Margaret however he introduced her as Queen Meg of Chimeron. Strange costumes having a serving girl become your leader?? Talked to many from this Chimeron they don't like Rrathcluwin much. Apparently all that was told to me by Bhenn was not true.. There are civil and nice people in the flatlands. Nigel was at dinner spoke with him. Guess there were some problems with Bhenn and Meg or a prince named Bob something. Another Elf! Went and talked to him, strange, this Eth claimed to be prince of all elves..

Perhaps there are other clans other than mine in this area? Perhaps We were not the only ones to get separated? Is he a decedent of the city of song? That was the last time any elf dared call himself king or prince. Or of one of our separated clans who now has become vane? His ways are strange perhaps he is a highelf but he has no others with him. If he is the prince of all elves where are they? It would be nice to be with others like me, well like mothers kin and her folk.

Autumn quest:

The civil war has started many from Dragonsbane are leaving , Rumor has it some are planning on killing Keith and sealing his lands. Spoke to Wildchild we are aging to stand with Dragonsbane. We also have some of the other rangers with us.


Pages lost: during the Dragonsbane civil war

Amazing quest:

I have been knighted during the wars, so has wild child and Darkwing. Wildchild is taking the name "Twoni Marah"". We are starting to re build Dragonsbane. Most of the fighters went over to Evermore. Ninian and Try were the instigators of the wars. Lord Sterling has made a truce of sorts with them.

Feast of Minn III

We have ventured south, so many people, friendly competition, this should be nice. Merkshaw has cut down all of Tangwah, A tall man in heavy armor is calling for their scalping??? By the gods they are stealing their souls.. Assembled all Members of Dragonsbane here, we are only eight though. If they move towards Chimeron we have to take them on, I don' like this one bit. The tall man is yelling scalp him , scalp them, he looks at us and yells to a man with a skull on his shield "watch them" and points right at me...

Myself and Wildchild were invited to a wedding a King Tithan? Crazy Humans! Left in horror, they had a Drow child that they sacrificed.. OK killing Drow is fine with me but an infant?? And sacrificing it to some dark god these people are just evil.. Talked to Kugen the scalping man, after I left the wedding, Kugen of Merkshaw a Northerner like us but he is very vindictive apparently there was some sort of challenge made by Tangwah. Kugen seams nice but I wouldn't cross him.

This night in the tavern I saw a Drow, claimed to be the most powerful Drow in the universe.. A Neselhime Drow knight I think... special weapons only go through their armor.. Weapons made from the scalps of Silver elves.

Packing up the wagons, Hear Meg scream DROW. Cross the field no armor already in the wagons , jump between the spear men, kill them jump the one in splint mail back stab him. Look for more all seam to be gone... Getting out of here Dragonsbane is safer. Got a total of eight to collect bounty on though!

Water war:

Spoke with Heidencrese about the feast of Minn had a real good time there. Tourney day again BORING but I beat the Angus!!!! Song and drink is plentiful. A crazy woman Belladonna fell from the table while dancing... Hurt her self I think.

Harvest Festival:

Spoke with Belladonna about her injury she just laughed she is much better today.. A large man a merchant Oaf came to sell his where's. Going back to Dragonsbane early, council meeting. Saw a Drow in the woods near the west woods almost got him with an arrow. Wild child said he is a half Drow half elf. How can this abomination be? Spoke with him briefly I think this Sloan is trying to trick us a Drow trick.

Dragon Scales


The Dragonsscales have been taken, farken bandits it better not have been Darkwing and crew. Darkwing has left the knighthood. Perhaps a disgruntle employee Merkshaw and some of Blackwood have come to help recover them. Merkshaw have taken the wheregolum's sword he is pissed.

Dee 's Feast:

Lady Dee is getting married to Highrider The festivities are nice. I am sitting with Swan and crew Cinnabar and Shilindra are her with me and Sloan. Shalindra is ½ Drow like Sloan but she looks like elf, like me? At least with Sloan, he looks like his kin and not mine!

The Fay have come to pay respects for the wedding. Don't like the looks of this one. Knock an arrow under the table. Swan is calling for a weapon. Cinnabar hands him one of mine. SHIT he has DEE they are running for a door there gone Swan couldn't get to him. Meg is going nuts "who stole the fairy stone"? what is a fairystone? Looked out side, no tracks. Talked to Meg that was Oberon King of fairies, His wife is going be mad he took a girlfriend.


Blackavar's mid winter feast:

Lost Gate I

Nigel has introduced me to a healer named Malabar, nice guy but too much power corrupts. I had met him before but where? I introduced Sawyer to him and asked Malabar to teach him the art of healing.

Went into the tomb with Kugen and Merkshaw I came out where is my scalp. I have been raised with out my spirit! What has happened last thing I remember I was fighting in the dungeon now I am in a hall with Malabar?

Feast of Chimeron 2:

Cinnabar of the Borderlands, introduces me to a Human man (merchant) IronHand Blackstone And a Elf Torin Silverbow. This Torin is a strange breed of elf he has red eyes. Meg thinks he is a Fay elf, what is a Fay elf are they like us? I have my scalp back where was it and how did it come back?.

Blood Ties:

Sloan, Sawyer, my self and some others have ventured to the flatlands near Periden. Cyn Grub is here. Talked to him about buying a magic weapon. He suggests an ax because of the creators in the North.. He has one but Chimeron has claims to it. Offered him a fair price

Spoke with a man about Fay. They are creatures some are elf but all are bound to a King and Queen. Are these elves kin to me? This man said that for every Fay killed by mortals (human kind) they kill 10 human kind. Guess I don't kill any of them...

Tourneys at Creathorne I

Things are going nicely the keep is near completion, People from all over have come to visit. Many people I have not seen in years are here. Have bought Troll Biter Cyn he has brought it to me. Offered it back to Chimeron for the same price I paid for it. Meg tells me to keep it because there are no magic weapons in the north.

Spring Quest Rrathchllwyn:

The usual fighting tournaments, group combat. Dragonsbane is re building and getting good training but the same old thing gets boring. Some of the people have come that I have met in the south but it is usually the same people. We will be going in to the westwoods to make a meeting with the elven elder a wild elf. Hope he reads elfin like the elves from Moonglade Forest. If they read Highelf or Tangwar I am really rusty and may stumble too much to be accepted as an equal. He signed the treaty Bhenn wants me as an embassetor to the elves, I do not accept. I suggest Dalamar he is a spell caster and must be wiser than me.! HE HE!

Feast of Minn IV

Malabar is dying has to find true love. Elania and him become soul bound. Tithan helped with some of the components needed. Perhaps he is not so evil. He is a scalper but perhaps not so evil. We are all virgins? How did this happen I have a kid? Have to see the succumbi in the woods to get this fixed. Don't like it, not one bit. Scubas yuck. Willow and a friend have joined me from home, Sloan Wildchild are here too. Willow brings word from home mother is well and wants me to come home more often. I explain how hard it is going home again. But she makes me promise, she always could get me to do things

Water war:

Torin was killed today, he challenged Kugen and lost some thing about Blackwood. Kugen carries his scalp as a trophy. The skies really opened up last night. Wind too peoples tents were torn in half and in trees. Had 5 people sleep on the floor of my tent. The ground was dry there.

Kugen's Gothic Nightmare:

I recovered Torin's scalp today, Nigel did nothing to get his vassal back.. I just asked for the scalp and was given it... Ironhand gave me the body. Going to Folkstone to get Torin fixed. Bought the clasp of the earth from Kugen. Bought 2 ships and 4 small boats from Mink. I am renting them out to who ever needs boats or ships..Topknott has a big white sword it looks really heavy. Camwin has some bracers that allow him to throw bolders! Perhaps he would like to sell them?? Will talk to him about it..

Harvest Fest:

Drinking and games again. The wench Kate needed a place to stay so I let her sleep in my tent. Woke up in the am and found her sign in front of the tent. Not cool! Makes my hospitality look like a place of question!


No shit a Dragon and he is pissed! Whoa! We have to Find King James his ashes and some stuff to fix him!

There is a really big pissed off Dragon chained up I am not going near that one! His name is Strathmore..

Titana's Game:

Going in to the lands of Fay to recover Lady Dee. Oberon still has her . Queen Titana has invited us to come enjoy tournaments. Cinnabar has Morax ( a Wayland blade) we find a spider's lair. People are getting stuck on the web. The spider is using poison.. Some guy is in the lair.. There is a hole in the back, Reach in and am pulling Dee out, ½ out shit she is stuck on the web.. A fairy is throwing magic missiles. Body shield Dee I have armor. Shit she has a load of spells. (All goes black) Cinnabar brought me to a healer and had me raised we have Dee.

Sat and spoke in length with Titania about the Fay. They are not my kin! I will still not kill any while I am here. I gave Titania a Rose she accepted it and said she owes me a favor,??? wonder what that met. Cinnabar has to go but leaves Morax in my hands encase it is needed. Oberon hit me with a poleax cut my armor. So I flatted him with Morax he is pissed, fight time. Can't draw blood, using flat of the blade. He storms off pissed after we fight 3 times. Met a elf Fyunne Gille Kiden don't know if she is Fay or not. Last tournament you can bet your points cool I bet Titania my points to get more or another favor??? what is this favor thing?? But she is cute, I beat the mage with the nether form I get another favor, what ever that is... Sloan, Ymra, Sawyer, myself and Silvernose are giving our tournament points to Crow so he can get the magic sword.


Pauper's Feast:

Queen Vrill is made a queen Chimeron has teamed up with Veri?? Questioning the coronation?? Talked to Tithan not his idea he just signed the papers they were not what he thought and some were added after he signed.. He gave me a fairy stone some white demon bone cool...

Gladden fest:

Won a tournament Best defender came in 2nd to Jarred of Folkestone for fastest sword in the North. Trying to fix Trollbiter things are getting wacky with it. Me shadow and Voltric are doing it. Shit Voltric messed up his DI. Demonicus is coming for the ax got to brake it.

Chimeron feast III

: was dead her from what I was told. Ironhand was carrying me around??

Birthday party, Fairy god father to the realms:

Sloan and others recovered my spirit here and had me raised. Malabar is dead and scalped though.

feast at Rhiassa I: Mathias is with Fyunne Gille Kiden whey are getting along well. Kicked her but many times really. Fun girl, not a Fay elf , wood elf or perhaps moon elf. Won a bardic. Good food going to the bar and wench afterwards


Blackwood feast:

We are sitting by rank I guess. I am sitting at a different table from Lord Sterling my ax won't come out of the scabbard. Swan and Cinnabar are throwing bread at me. That's it threw a ½ loaf back!!

Marcus Dalimar is here DROW KIN! He tells a story about drow being Nobel and honorable in the lands where he comes from. "And pigs have sprouted wings and can fly" I have to go I am getting sick. Went to see the tournaments

Woe another Bardic,(stories) there was a really funny song about Cinnabar by Mocta. "Cinnabar o' Cinnabar"

War of the Aviators:

Assembled seven healers and got Torin raised. Nigel wanted to be at the raising but can't find him. As usual he is not to be found when important things need to be done.

Going into the woods to see what is there things are every where the clasp is working slowly. Had to stop several people from scalping. Topknot said he was doing it for religious reasons. He is in the gild of darkness so he is most likely telling the truth.

Creathorne II:

Well the Carimajir have come and annoyed everyone. Had to tell them to go if they can't play nice. Some one opened a gate to Myth Drannor lucky we had no demons come through. Had over 300 people here, to many.

Baron's Quest:

Questing with Malabar and some others we have recovered the shield of Emmond. It was given to Carroll & Rock. The rest of the party decided they were best to have it because they use shields. Noted that if they decide to get rid of it a party member gets first dibs on it.

Midnight Brakes in the Storm:

Pirates everywhere. Where did they all come from? Man Gweneflin is a pirate rich town!


The Crystal Shard:


Was gated in by the elven gods I thing. Myself and Crew have been informed that we should avoid ALL others. If we stick around anyone talking or hanging around with for more than 30 seconds they will die.

Meg made me give my word not to attack Demonicus. Made me give it as a knight. Demonicus came for me and took troll biter again. Killed me and I couldn't fight back.

Devilin Mcgill's Lowlands Games:

Feel the Burn:

Tomb of the Wilderkin;

21 of us are going into the wilderkin's tomb. There are all sorts of neat things here, glad I brought my pack. Loads of books and letters artwork too. Have filled a barrel to take things out we can all ask for something from some one behind a door, who is this person? TETCHE'S MOM! OK I am the last to ask for something, I ask her before I ask for what I would like I ask if she would like to be alive again? I explain we have her soul and ashes there are ways we could possibly bring her back if that is what she would like. She is creature, similar to elf I think and would hate to see her miss the passage if that is what her beings have to look forward too later on. She will have to think about that later. My request, For all remaining persons from our group to be teleported to the Folkstone tavern. We are gone I hate this it makes my stomach jump so bad. Well that was strange, but all of us are out in one piece I think. That one room with all of the banners I feel like I missed some thing?4am leaving the tavern with the key Lady Ann has locking the gate to the tomb. All looks good.

Death bunnies II:

OK people are coming out of the wood works, Heidencries is here haven't seen them in a while. Some of Fenmier is also here, Swan too. Took the party on a look around found a crypt, the baron is with us. We crawl through the opening and there is some rat guy in a room we leave him alone. Keep forward Oh shit a medusa Crow buys it he is stone. Looking into the baron's mirror I shoot several arrows, my magic arrow hit her in the leg. She picks it up and places it on crow. She tells us we can all take one thing each and leave. I take crow. I use the stone to flesh scroll, he is flesh but dead. Will have to find a healer don't want to waste the combat raises in my gauntlets. The bunny babes, cute but into the domination thing I think. I don't think they really like men much. I keep having to deal with them because I keep getting the bunny favors. I have Jurell silver Milo's grate sword in exchange for the Mithril one. I now have a Mithril sword, 4 years and I finally have one. Ha and the elders said I would never get one! Sunday is crazy undead all over the place everyone gets the things we have gathered tougher. Doing some sort of ritual so we can re fight Zormax. Mokta turned on us along with several others they are undead, shit Zermax controls them. We chase the undead into the wood perhaps a trap. A clearing, me and Swan flank left I will be shooting over his left shoulder hope he remembers the style and doesn't forget. Arrows aren't working to many skeletons have to face them with the ax and Mithril lets see what I can do! We have won, the undead are destroyed. Getting out of here while I still can this area is crazy.

Black and White ball I:

Asked Torin to join Creathorne and become my squire, accepted. Dinky Daggers has become my page. Lord Sterling had to leave on personal matters has left Dragonsbane under my keeping. I have urged everyone to move to from Dragonsbane to Creathorne for safe keeping.. Creathorne is growing faster than I had expected. Milo is our law enforcement/ barman/ debt collector. Silvernose is doing the healer thing and doing well at it but I think he is lacking in some qualities needed for his art, one is compassion. Ran into Jeremiah with that girl Bane things don't look well and he is pretty smashed. Didn't think he drank like that. Crossed into the chaos plane somehow fought this dude with a sword "Hartseaker" but he could not beat me because he did not believe in the sprit shield. Malabar Has lost it and dove on the scalping blade. Some thing to do with Elana . The shit Hit the fan. So many still dead in the Summerlands. Using my wish coin.. lets see if this will fix things. "I do here by wish that anything and everything that was lost by a resident of the realms in the Summerlands with be returned to me so that I may give it back to it's rightful owners"

Blood & Thunder:

Torin, Piper, myself Silvernose and Sawyer have arrived we also have a girl from Misty Glenn, Rhoe with us. We have found several pieces of a sword, went into the ruins. Found some gold, an elfin sword and some eggs.

Going into chaos after Malabar. Got hosed. Where did all the orcs come from, with long polearms.


Winterfest I:

Tournaments at Chiron IV:

Feast of Rhiassa:

Arcidine Rraven's wing disbanded the church of chaos ecpt for Cinnabar and Elania Damnifiknow.

Feast at Chimeron IV:

The dogs of war attacked, was given adyan's polearm returned it. Guess the wish coin worked. Re did the alliance with Chimeron. Got home Sally was pissed all sorts of dead bodies just appeared in the kitchen Rob Scarlet was drinking in the kitchen and Collin of Folkestone left when he arrived. Humm??. Rob is helping me put all the bodies in the wine cellar! Making a list.. That Wish coin must have worked .. shit I did say anything lost.. Didn't I??

Creathorne III:

Mithril's Might:

I learned the secrets of smithing and weapons making. I can do my own horse-shoeing now save money on the split hoof shoeing that is so expensive. Secured a Mithril mine, Creathorne Borderland and Grub mining inc. Only found silver guess the Mithril was because of a magic spell. Al Jacar was behind the bad stuff in Hemminshire. He is not killable, using the ax of warding doom to kill him. It worked he is dead.. All Mithril made because his magic is turning back to silver.. I have the ring and the stone could fix the power source and re release it to make lots of Mithril.!

Duncan Conrad had a staged goblin attack. Had them come in and attack our friends for a pathetic tournament. I am drooping out of the knights comp if this is what it takes to win a knights tournament I don't want to be in it. Looking for ways to get to the plane of white and recover Veros, the Barron Demond and Gwenn. Barden might be there too. Searched all night went through several plains

dark vision II:

Water war:

Tilting the balance:

Arrived and spoke with the people I sent in ahead as advanced scout. There have been some evil actions performed however most people have been stopping the really evil shit from happening. Brought down some Dragon Harpoons didn't see any on the boat ride perhaps on the way home. Shalindra is acting weird she ran off with a pirate or two one of the pirates tried to sacrifice a virgin shot a harpoon through him and nailed him to a tree(that had to hurt).

All and all things are Quiet. Saw Cora she said Tithan is well still hanging out some place.Would not say where.. I thingk in the abyss.

Lost lake tavern:

Milo went south to find out the situation on a Franchise that has not made payment on stock received. He has sent word for me to come to the Lost Lake Tavern. Some problems. Got here this afternoon signs of Drow all over the place. Milo has some Mithril coins. The whole tavern smells like drow. Cinnabar found a cave, Drow sign all over this place. They have Shalindra. We are going in to get her out. Found some Mithril coins but also found a BAR of it enough to make several swords. Several people have made friends with a blacksmith named "Killum??" or some thing like that. He makes Damascus weapons nice and all but I like whole solid weapons.

Queen of Harts III:

Arrived at the queen of harts setting up the site. People from Woodhaven are already here and setup. They had time to really secured up their campsite. Things are not going as planned but they never do . I am yelling a whole bunch. What is what generals do, right? Sis is handling things well. We are getting stomped. Half of the people we counted on have not shown up. We do have Heidencries, 2 Fenmierians, 4 Freeholders and 5 from Creathorne so we have some good team members but the numbers of Woodhaven Are just double to triple ours.

We fought them in one tournament for over an hour, before we beet them. All and all Willow had a good showing for Moonglade Forest!

War of Balance:

mass mayhem. People are fighting for goodness, people are fighting for darkness back and forth we go. Apparently these two gods are using us as puppets to fight for their amusement.


several people have already gone through the gate. Goblin's took it down again and hid the pieces. We rebuilt it AGAIN it spells out Jakul and Shasa (like I would put it here for all to read). Going through the gate. Dragon females or some thing claim they are the dominate race and men are slaves. (They are in for a rude day)

Drow on the Mt.:

The dow have come in from perhaps a gate. My self and Crow are chasing the drow we have them on the run. We have like 22 of us in the party. They are fast in the sun??? they are running in Direct sunlight unaffected?? This is weird.. Lost their tracks when we hit the skull cap on the mountain.. saw one jump off the cliffs on the west side of the mountain. Thought I saw one go over the north ridge.. I think they split up.. no use. Heading back to Creathorne.. At least 3 got away..

The black and white ball II:

When I got to the b&w. I was rushed by a slew of people w/ the world we know is about to end!! They were Frantic as to what was going on... Quaren & Drake were the first calm people to tell me what was going on. Apparently during the day if you cast any sort of spell you also got to see the future... Fay whipped out the realms expt. for Creathorne because we took to the woods. Chimeron was decimated, Folkestone too. I had sent a message to Stewart saying something to the fact of "I told you the Wayland blades were evil and we needed to destroy them, you didn't believe me and now look what happened.".

Kinsel told me things about the Fay court being different. There are demons there now Titiana is more powerful, Oberon is missing and there are 7 Wayland blades not just 4. Also that he saw Oberon enter a grove with Titiana, Puck was there too. Puck ran and then there was an explosion or blast of light and Titana walked out. He has seen Fay trolls mutated and turned inside out. Demons sitting in the Seele' court . Sounds like Titiana took over the Inerseele' court and let demons come back to Fay.,

Arcadine is taking up collections 2000gold is what we need to get back the May Queen. I kicked in 100gold and will be kicking in another 300.

If the projected future is the correct one we need to start out fortifications. Under no circumstance will I allow us to lose Creathorne, Dragonsbane or the North to the Fay! we will search for fairy stones, put them where ever we can to keep the Fay out...

Winterfest II:

stopped in briefly I do not like Mordor the smell is bad and I saw a NASGUL! I am heading back to Creathorne they are just bad news..

Feast of Rhiassa II:

nothing really wild happened just Tetch flipping out but that is normal. Met an elf claiming to be Oberon's squire is here looking for him " Lucas" he does not like fairy stones. He is pretty spastic. He has asked me to help him find Oberon. Well that was before he found out I am a ½ elf. His language is not that of those elves from home!

Feast of Hemmenshire:

Well a bunch of orcs decided that they would kill Drake?? One "Asscrach" said he is the law?? I was not going to let them just kill drake for no good reason. 4 of us , Me , Daoud, Crow and a man called Gray took out 14 orcs and left a human (some orc lover) live. We had all the orcs raised. Erg removed them as law enforcers in hemmenshire. Later they get the OK from Erg to eat Drake because he scalped a orc. Now I do not like scalping but eating some one??? I called the whole clan out. Merthin stopped me from killing them all. Drake did not get eaten. Instead he gave up his Mithril dagger for 1 year.
Shadow's Wrath:

Shit this sucked! This shadow dude almost trapped all of us on the shadow plain. Studied this area for the staff of Zebedie. The lord of shadows is pissed. Almost turned the demono dude loose on this plane to eat it..
Feast of Blackwood III:

found a tree that had been split by lightning, took some wood from it. Won a insult contest, had a Creathorne meeting while Blackwood held court. Nigel's aunt Margaret arrived. There were a bunch of High elves that showed up . But they need to loose some weight! And the female elves from his home lands have HUGE Tata's, one pooped out of her bodice!
Dark Vision 2.5: First every one has to drink blood, I avoid this by shifting in line. Then we all get stabbed in the chest with a knife. Again I avoid this. I stay behind with the grave digger to guard the bodies.
Feast of Chimeron V:

Well I talked to Barden have him fortune about the approaching doom of the realms. We are looking for a Wayland blade it is in a tree or a cave we think some one tells us Solis is found but by who? I burned a troll as per normal but some thing went wrong, it stopped regenerating in the fire it exploded. How did that happen they regenerate and when the fire is over they are sapped to get out??? Evil is at work this day! I fought a Nemesis Wrath with a polearm almost killed him. He took an arm on me but not before I took his leg. and he was piercing armor.
Tourney of Creathorne IV
Lost Gate VI: the Dream War

we are guarding the bodies of the dreamers. Holding the structure is pretty easy they have to get in. we are many. Hay the shadow crunches are silly. One is tricky though. He has dispel light must be the pack master.

it is late everyone is getting tired. I am going to start waking people up soon..no wait Rowen is sitting up. They are waking up..

Shit a dragon oh shit! We are loosing people hard and fast..Shit shit

woke up next to Malabar this is oddly familiar..
North/South War III

we are smoking the south bad all any no prob.. lots of arrows… ha ha they are not getting shit for points.. Night Quest. Traded the "merchant" for his stuff, found some one's jimmy. Hired a friend ummm I think we have found almost everything but the S. flag… have to head back to Creathorne .Early.
King of Rogues

well I am on the Borderlands team. We are doing well. I am betting smart nothing wild. Cinnabar wants us to make more gold so I start on wild bets 50+ gold and up. One bet was 800 gold. Woe that one. !!! Creathorne bought a 3'8" sword "Fe'a hir" and elven sword that will call a stolen or missing soul back to it's body. Lisas bought the 5' sword we were trying to get for the Borderlands. Baba gave them His magic mace and seeing he did some thing so selfless. I gave him back his tabard.

Feast of Min VII

Dark Vision V: the Phenomenal Field

Borderlands fell in the war, last I heard Cinnibar said Burn it, Burn it all. Let them have nothing.. As we march I am burning everything. Fry the snakes! Stopped them in Chimmeron.

Entered the Dreamscape tied to Elana. Things are rather wired in here this time. Black is not who he appears to be. .Death, Destruction, Chaos, and a Potluck Dinner

had some fun down here was good seeing Vrill again.. Some one was spreading a Rumor Creathorne and Freehold was going to war??? Humm neither me or swan Know squat about this..

The Brenda Armageddon II: Where's Chimeron?

Shadow has come up with a sword "bushido" also Crow has recovered "the Cursed staff of Antioch". Ranger has the "earth talisman".

What Fools These Mortals Be " the Fey war":

Talked to puck I can never seem to catch him unaware.Tryed the milk , no good he is royal Fey would not accept it as lean and obligation... Titania is doing some wacky stuff. The enchantments are too strong on the campsite. Crow and I do not want to be in there . His magic will not work there. Perhaps all Elves have some link to eachother?? All the Waylandswords are here Solus, Beleth, Moreaxe, Albion, Florious, Orious, Elendil.

they are being drawn to each other this is not good. BIG BOOM!!!! No one will listen. Creathorne gets in Circles of Protection.. shit the sons of Wayland are here they are pissed some one is calling them furies.. shit shit.. they broke Drake's unbreakable circle.. Creathorne takes to the woods.. what?? The predictions were true. Creathorne was the only Nation to servive .. So many dead so many dead. Carted bodies for hours. Dee is healing everyone

Elendill was destroyed by Heron silver. He actually destroyed one..

KoEF III: Knightly Inferno :

Hero's Keeper:

The Enchanter's Grove:

Drow all over the place they took Troll Biter. OK that is it the kid golves are off.. we tele[port to where Trollbiter is.. No shit we ended up at the gates of Menzoborandon. Big gates, big walls. We are not getting in here…

Black and White Masquerade III: Turning of the Year:

Festival of Yoma :

Yoma is a ass.. boulders all over the place frping from the sky. Baba has the Katana. Heidencries has the other one.. wait Baba has lost it. Shit Yoma has the Crystal Katana. It was given to a kid by the city. Xavier has made some deal with him.. He promised Linesses magic weapon that sehe has not event finished making yet for the Katana. I do not like that idea. I don't even know the kid and Creathorne is going to Issue Him a 4'6" magic mace?? Not!

Tourneys of Chiron:

Tourneys of the Cold Moon:

some yahoo stopped in with a army of undead, this Karian was being a real dirtbag. He and his men drew weapons so we had to take him out.. I guess he was a knight or some thing.. All I know is he had fangs and a big attitude. Crow Found a ring a magic ring. .Wonder what It does??

In Winter's White:

A rather strange day. First of all Most of Veri was here.. Was good seeing Tithan again.. He still has some demon bone. Might be working a deal. Xavier is starting a Knighthood in The Cristalhall. Proclaimed him self a knight or some thing like that?? He is leaving Creathorne and going off doing his own thing.. I say good ridence.. We have had so many probs with him being in Creathorne. Not even Shadow brings that much grief on us..Gave him The Prisoners Stone, "Anvil" is now Robbie's No strings attached. That deal and all Creathorne Business with Xavier is now concluded..

30 minutes later, Xavier has joined the Borderlands?? Warned Cinnabar about Xavier and that He brings in a tun of excess baggage.. he owes so many people things it is not Funny..

WinterFest III:

Feast of Rhiassa IV:

Jeremiah Darksparkle!!!! Stopped in Thought he was gone forever? Talked to him about his tab.. told him to get his un invited guests out of the swamp.. He indicated the Deathknights were there by order of "Abakhan"..

Feast of Hemenshire II:

stopped in shortly. Had to borrow weapons from Killian, and armor From Ranger.. was at the merchants fair in Berka when I heard about the feast.. Nice armor will have to get some next time I ma back in Moonglade Forest, Elvin Chain is getting so light these days..

Feast of Creathorne:

This was a nice Turnout. Had about 100 people here for the festival. Had to give up that nifty Magic Flute I bought for the bards Trophy.. Well I could never play it anyway. Fenmier was a load of fun..

Heidencries and Xavier had a little spatt. Apparently the scenario was this : Xavier had their bracers, he got them from shadow who borrowed them from Heidencries. Xavier would not give them back so they took them back. Both claimed they are theirs. Xavier demanded Trial by combat.. Was Granted after I calmed down at his mouth running…Lysis Lost to Killian both sides claimed Champions..
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