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One Way Venomland got started.

Author: Jeyde Thunderwalker Icebreaker
Date: unknown
Greetings, Zeek McKrye. Or as Cecil is having me practice... Male
Mountain Avatar??? I have no idea why I would call you a mountain, but alright.

My name is Wind Flame Avatar, known as Jeyde ThunderWalker. I was
there and witnessed many events.

Venom was indeed asked by this Sir Duncan to lead a group of us new
adventurers, alongside a man named Gryf. They actually parted ways, I believe,
for at some point Venom started scouting around and Gryf stayed with our
group. My group was led by Arthus.

At first, the monsters were not many and to tell the truth, the son
named Victor was not something really to be feared. I am more intimidated by
the archer Twenaria than by this fifteen year old with Shadow Magic. However,
towards the end of the battle when performing a ritual alongside the village
elder to free Victor, the monsters came in hordes and slaughtered us all.

I was later raised by Venom, who was raising people like a man
possessed. Granted, I did ask Kyomi if he was always this 'excitable' and she
revealed to me that she had hired him as a bodyguard, and that he was also here
for another reason. I did not learn that reason for I was backstabbed through
the lungs at that point. Never did quite find out who.

When raised again, I was very amazed to hear that Victor was not
yet free, that possible other things around the village might be required.
Using my scouting techniques, I covered the woods for two hours with Gryf,
towards the western flank.

At some point during my findings, I heard Venom scream at the top
of his lungs that all members of the adventuring party should rise and fight.
We both hurried back, but by the time we showed up, the adventurers were
getting killed again... this time by monsters... under Venom's control.

I did not believe it to be Venom at first; many said that a 'naked
newbie' was controlling the horde, and so I looked for a naked man. Venom was
dancing about in and out of combat, occasionally raising people who were
downed by weapons. Also the sun was setting, which soon revealed Kyomi's fears
to me: that the Shadow Magics had been released from Victor, and because of
Venom's regional magic that was healing everyone, it had somehow allowed the
shadows to 'pile up' within him, if I may use that phrase.

Kyomi was very nervous, and was also killed in my arms as Venom
revealed that he wished for some Draconians to be brought, killed and scalped
to his feet. I believe it was over a matter of a magic dagger. Kyomi was
raised by the Elder, who then made short work of the villagers by having them
run out of their town. Faelinn and I then told Kyomi not to worry. I told her
sometimes you just have to Gift Death.

Venom was upon a path, and I loudly joked that Faelinn was a
secret member of Draconia. Venom was very quick to give us one chance to
recant the statement and we did. He then very proudly walked between us.
Faelinn and I took our concealed daggers and stabbed him repeatedly in the
back, and I went to deliver him, impaled, to Kyomi.

The trolls were gathering about me and Faelinn. I do admit in
telling them a falsehood; that we would bringing him to the elder to be
raised. The trolls were actually rather intelligent, for they responded that
they had their own healer and would bring Venom back to life.

We somehow managed to drag Venom north of the village, but the
trolls followed after their leader. Faelinn and I quickly got Kyomi's
attention, and left Venom with her. I heard later that somehow, when she was
performing the ritual to fix him, some other adventurer leaned down from his
mount and healed him before riding away. Venom then raced back into
the village with his new bodyguard formation of trolls. I felt utterly
defeated, and Kyomi was not helped by anyone save the Village Elder, who was
very upset. I would be, too.

Although I am not a part of a nation, I feel somewhat responsible
for what happened there. If Sir Duncan would have me, and if BeastMaster Cecil
lets me venture forth, I would accompany as a Healer to secure the lands back
from this powerful child. My hatchet stands ready.

- Jeyde ThunderWalker, grandchild of Elder ThunderWalker
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