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Regarding Starpeople

My name is Orion. Many of you are familiar with my people and our home. I would like to state very clearly that I am not mad at any of the brave heroes who sacrificed Night Sky to fight off the Darkness. I do not intend to seek out any kind of revenge or retribution.

In order to preserve what is left of my race, I write in this report everything I can remember about the Starpeople and Night Sky. But before I begin, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Friend Quinn for restoring my memory.

We are on a constant quest to obtain new knowledge. We are enthusiastic scientists who are more focused on theory than application (which isn't to say we don't have in interest in practical science--we do). We like to share what we have learned so that other may benefit, because in doing so we often get new knowledge in exchange. We are naturally trusting people and have no reservations about teaching or learning from complete strangers. This comes from our community-based culture. "For the good of the people and the advancement of science" are two ideals we live by.

While we are very trusting, we do differentiate between acquaintances and friends. The name "friend" is to Starpeople as the phrase "thank you" is to some Fae: it is only used on those who have earned it. Among ourselves, it is one of the few titles the Starpeople have (the others are Man in the Moon and Head of a House). When addressing mortal friends, the title is usually placed before all others.

The Man in the Moon is the title of the ruler of the Starpeople. The Man in the Moon is elected on a regular basis by the general public. He or she has the assistance of the Lunar Council which is comprised of the Head of each of the twelve Houses. Every Starperson is a member of one of these Houses. Members of the same House have similar interests and characteristics. Each House has its own laws and traditions in addition to the universal laws of Night Sky as set out by the Man in the Moon and the Lunar Council.

As for myself, I was sent here by the Lunar Council to learn more about the inhabitants of the Realms—specifically how you fight. It was our hope that my findings would help us in our own fight against the encroaching Darkness. In order to keep my previous memories from clouding my research, the Councilors repressed my memories. Unfortunately, when Night Sky was destroyed, something was triggered within me that caused the repressive magic to slowly break down. This process was drastically sped up by Friend Quinn's intervention.

My memories are still not complete, however. I ask for your patience as I slowly rebuild my memories.

Walk in the light.
Orion of the Stars

(OOC Note: The Lunar Council was originally named the Zodiac. I changed this to avoid confusion with the other Zodiac already in existence)
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