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Jace's Journals and Notes

Here lies the Journals and Notes of Jace Moonshadow

Recovered from Jace's personal notes. Year 1013 Early Spring
Transcribed Fall 1015 after Jace's second departure to the Isles.

I met up with the group today to talk about the next steps in our research. Today is the day we get access to the tight-nit community, which is now called the House. The House itself is an amazing hub of people from places I did not even know existed. My group will fit in well with the people of the House.

Aduh has heritage in both the Realms and the Isles. Her passion leads our team and drives her goals. Quite frankly she intimadates me in a number of ways but we understand each other to a point

Lina comes from a bit farther east. A dedicated researcher, she left her partner for a year to study different places and to explore the world. I am always able to get a smile out of her.

Arelin is Fae. She and I are able to speak in her native language but when we are in a group we stick with basic. She also likes cats. A lot....

Ou'Ise is our local translator and native. She spends the winter months here but moves south with her partner when it gets warmer.

I will try and see who I can meet today. I am still searching for a few hints to help me but I am not sure for what. I just know that fate brought me to these people
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