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Church Movement 1007 M.R.

Author: Sir Aberes of Paradise
Date: 12/28/1007
At this year's past Feast of Min, and in following the Feast after Folkestone, quite a few things have changed the Church of the Five Ladies. Namely, lack thereof. And yet, for some reason, the Ladies are stirring others within the Realms, many who are not part of Paradise, to action. That being said, feel free to talk to me about it at the tenth anniversary of the Feast of Leviathan.

Fortuna, Eris, Diskordia, Luna, Xaos....

Lord Nero of Paradise, formerly the Hierophant of the Five Ladies. He's ascended, and therefore is no longer. His daughter, the lady Hope, once the High Priestess of Luna, had taken over the position but has since left the City. It is rumored that she has sought enlightenment in Luna's Light in the Great White North, past Draconia and even the Centaur Lands.

Fortuna has been referred to as two other main names: Tyche and Tymora. As of late, more and more people are referring to the goddess of the Fate and the Knowledge by her Illinarian-given name, Tymora. Paradise has embraced such a change, as it means only one name she may be called in the City, and so reduce confusion for newcomers. No change in Avatar status. No currently known High Priest/Priestess, however that person is being sought out by Her would-be Champion, Ender, brother to Sir Elwick Dragonsburrow.

Eris: No change in Avatar status. High Priestess Quazar, at the time of this document is seeking out the person suited for Champion.

Diskordia: Avatar Jurei-Jurei still exists. Rakeal of Creathorne gave up her position as High Priestess, so there currently is none. Champion is Squire Rillian of Grimloch, but at this time he also Champions Tyr and rumored another god which do not work together with Diskordia, so the position may soon be challenged at Diskordia's discretion.

Luna: No change in Avatar status. High Priestess Hope of Paradise is all but gone, with Acolytes Kelleburan and Rorin, both of Paradise, helping the Church. Squire Gryffin Darkwillow is attempting to become the Champion of Luna.

Xaos: No change in Avatar status. Priest/Priestess position has opened up, for Aberes has favored the sword in recent religious debates. That being said, she attempting to Champion her goddess and find a priest or priestess.

At the time of this writing, that is how things stand where I see it. In these past few months, I have seen things in quite a different light, and have taken strides in nudging each follower of the Ladies to search their hearts on what the next step might be.

May Xaos embrace us, mistakes and all...

A blessed Yule to you and yours in the Library.
- Sir Aberes of Paradise
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