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Name: Tyche, Goddess of Luck and Fate (also Fortuna, Tymora, etc.)
Domain: Fate, Luck, Destiny
Symbols: a golden coin
Avatars: unknown
Plot marshals: Janna Oakfellow-Pushee, Jason Gray, Jonathan Jessop
Area of Influence: Across the Realms
This goddess has many names: Maiden Chance, Lady Luck, Tymora, Tyche, Fortuna, and Madame Fortune just to name a few. The Goddess of Luck answers to Tyche within the Church of the Five Ladies, Tymora in Illinar, and as stated before: many other names elsewhere. Tyche is seen as the Regal Royal, depicted in art pieces as wearing a crown and standing on a wheel, while holding gold coins in one hand and nothing in the other. There is a rumored creation story of Tyche that goes like this:

Tyche was actually two people once: Iste of Good Fortune, and Beshaba of Ill Fortune. As people were obviously flocking towards one over the other, Luna saw this could not be, and demanded change. Diskordia provided the distraction for Iste as Luna placed Beshaba within the Void that was Xaos, holding onto only her hand. Eris then wrestled Iste and tossed her into the Void as well, holding onto only her hand. Luna then forced the two hands to clasp together, and pulled them out. The two hands clasped to each other were one person: Tyche, thus she is Luck, Fate, and Destiny of both types.

"Ladies help me if I don't find the motivation and strength to act on my own soon." Valas Baneshot, the late former Lord of Blackwood and Achoria.
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