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Name: Luna, Goddess of the Moon
Domain: the Moon, Purity
Symbols: a full moon flanked by two crescent moons
Avatars: Dakran
Plot marshals: Ian Struckhoff, Leanne Hoffman, Robert Blache
Area of Influence: Achoria, many places throughout the Realms
The Moon Goddess holds sway with some of the lycanthropes across the Realms, but does not have a fixed following among the commoners. Sometimes an unpredictable Goddess, one minute Luna may be seen as a loving and protective force; then next She might be seen as a destructive force of change and rage. Those worshipers not connected to the Church of the Five Ladies differ in their relationship with the Goddess. Those individuals keep their relationships with Luna personal, rarely seeking out others except in time of great need. As for the main Church within Paradise itself, only a few aspects of Luna are focused on: more specifically Purity and The Moon itself. Young orphan girls are sent here to become acolytes, and pledge vows of celibacy in order to commune closer with the Goddess. These women also tend to the plants sacred to Luna herself, and become good healers and seers. When old enough, they are turned out to spread the word of enlightenment. Out of all the Ladies, however, this one has the most followers, for good or for ill. She is also revered in the wilds of the plane of Faerie as *The Moon Goddess*, and has been instrumental in the ever-changing nature of Fae.
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