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About the Five Ladies

Author: Governor Aberes of Paradise
Date: 6/14/1007

I am Governor Aberes, newly-appointed leader of Paradise. It was requested that I place down some documents concerning the Five Ladies. I am unsure if it is supposed to be opinionated or not...but I am sure I can re-write if the Ivorians who work in the library do ask for it to be done.

This document, along with many others that will be placed here, are how the Five Ladies are viewed; worshipped; documents about their Avatars past and present (if any); and so forth.

To make it clear from the very beginning, however:

Fortuna, Eris, Diskordia, Luna, Xaos.

Since we mainly read in the Realms from left to right: Fortuna first, for it is by fate we arrive in the cycle of life when and where we do. Eris, for there is a hard road ahead called Life. Diskordia, for throughout life she is in the center, stirring up things and breaking them down. Luna, for she marks the growth and changes to your life, good or bad, whether you want it or not. Xaos is at the end of all things, when all return to her embrace.

Fortuna has been referred to as two other main names: Tyche and Tymora.

Xaos... I pronounce as 'zay-ohs'. My father pronounced it as 'kay-ahs', and there are others who would pronounce it 'kay-ohs' or 'zay-ahs'.

So long as you know whom of the Ladies you are dealing with directly, I don't believe my dark Lady will smite you. Since I am her Priestess at this moment, and she has yet to strike me down, I am under the assumption that the pronounciation is 'what she wills' at the time.

These are the names of the people(or deceased) I am sure of, who are associated with the Five Ladies. Those names that I am unsure of, or need to ask questions to, I have left off this list as to not assume.

Lord Nero of Paradise was formerly the Hierophant of the Five Ladies. He has ascended, and therefore is no longer.

Fortuna: No currently known Avatar, no recalled Avatars. No currently known High Priest/Priestess. Champion used to be Sir Elwick Dragonsburrow of Tuath Fasach, but he has since left that position, as it was meant to be.

Eris: No currently known Avatar, no recalled Avatars. High Priestess Quazar, at the time of this document, has not been seen for a while. No currently known Champion.

Diskordia: Avatar is named Jurei-Jurei, no recalled Avatars. High Priestess is Rakeal of Creathorne. Champion is Squire Rillian of Grimloch.

Luna: No currently known Avatar, previous Avatar was Dakran. High Priestess Hope of Paradise. No currently known Champion.

Xaos: No currently known Avatar, previous Avatar was Setsuna. Priestess Aberes of Paradise. No currently known Champion.

In the following documents, I will attempt to convey what worship was like for the Five Ladies in the past and now in the present. I will also be denoting the seperate names. I will also be writing about worshipping a Single Lady as opposed to all Five; which many in our Realms have done, do presently, and will continue to do.

May Xaos return our enemies to the nothing before us,
Governor Aberes of Paradise
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