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Name: Xaos, Goddess of the Void
Domain: Void, nothingness
Symbols: none
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Ian Struckhoff, Janna Oakfellow-Pushee, Steve Matuelwicz
Area of Influence: Paradise, Achoria, Eagle's Rook
In the beginning there was Nothing. Then from that Nothing sprang Something, and from that more and more until we have the Realms you see today in all its glory. In the beginning was Nothing, however, and Xaos was that Nothing. Or so the story goes. Xaos is the Dark Lady of The Fives Ladies, but is also worshiped as a separate entity within temples in Paradise, Achoria, and Eagle's Rook, and small shrines in other towns. When one has a secret that they cannot share with anything under the sun or moon, they can tell it to Xaos where it goes to into the Nothing and does not return, ever. She is also The Silent Goddess, only communicating in the most dire of circumstances to one who needs to hear the words. She cares not whether she has worshipers, for she considers all and none her faithful at one time or another in their life. And in the end of their life, when everything is said and done and all the battles in the heavens and hells have been fought, and when Time runs down and Death finally takes its last prize, there is nothing more left... and that is Her. Those who consider themselves an actual worshiper of Xaos tend to wear a favor of all black to show their quiet devotion. While others preach about their gods and goddesses in the streets, Xaos worshipers are firm believers that actions speak louder than words, and that sometimes no action can be the loudest act of communication about a person's character. Xaos' temperament is that of one who is spacial, and yet very near. Silence is golden, and titles mean absolutely nothing with her: everyone is on equal footing with Xaos and is treated as such.
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