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Name: Diskordia, Goddess of Chaos
Domain: Chaos
Symbols: unknown
Avatars: unknown
Plot marshals: Ian Struckhoff, Rob Sombretto, Kat McGrath, Janna Oakfellow-Pushee
Area of Influence: Paradise, Achoria, the Western Borderlands
Diskordia is hard to describe without using the word chaos. The persona is usually female (fitting in with the Five Ladies), but Diskordia can appear as anyone or anything she wants to be, within anyone or anything, at any time. Diskordia has been as playful as a child, gentle like a mother, jealous like a wronged lover, and certainly has had her moments of 'being unfair'. The most dangerous mood of this goddess is when she is 'bored'... and this has happened a lot this past decade. Diskordia has painted adventurers plaid, granted Cries of Life and urges for pie, and even has worked in conjunction with enemies of the Realms because it suited her fancy at the time. Diskordia also marked her avatar during the Wrake/Rein battles to sow confusion amongst the adventurers, while asking a favor in return for a boon at the same time... The most fickle and yet the most fun of all the Ladies, Diskordia exists wherever there is chaos of any type, and thusly even without a large following her powers are still felt throughout the Realms.
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