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Requiem for Kethrellan

Settle Soft
With rounded sleep
Auroras calling
you home

End the watch
Eternal Be
Your song be known

Once whole you were
Apon a prayer
And in her name
a kindly man

And twice became
From bitter morn
Akelia born
Who wore his face

From horrid foe
You sought the truth
But it became
Your life undone

Still you came forth
A reborn man
Regain'd her light

But crimes be done, known to her majesty
Deeds be foul though the heart was right
Your home was gone, now to the wilderness
But still redemption brightens night

On lonely roads
Met a great man
You found a guide
To lead you home

When he was lost
You sought to save him
Though it would make
Your presense known

Your calls be heard
Your dagger laid
To raise Sir Pyr
From stony grave

You gave your life
You gave your freedom
You gave your heart

And even now your name goes onward
In the lives of all your touched
Auroras heart will now be waiting
And those hearts here will send you on

The red
Created by Aeston Stromgate (Jason Rosa) at 04-18-07 05:28 PM
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