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A Letter to Laika


Itís my understanding that youíre looking for a way to get in touch with your faith. Through my travels I saw that people worship the Lady in many different ways. I cannot speak for all of the styles of worship, but I can share with you my experiences and my connection to Aurora.

As you know, Aurora is the Lady of Light. Herís are the domains of Good, Purity, Light, and Hope. She believes that evil must be fought with full strength wherever it appears, but that more important than killing someone who serves evil is to show them another way. All, no matter what they have done, should be offered a second chance. I know I have stumbled in that last regard; itís not an easy thing to do. Lastly - above all else she supports Free Will. You should never control another or allow another to be controlled.

I remember when I first became part of the Church. I owed a debt to the Lady and volunteered to serve her to pay it. I barely knew anything about her other then that she was a Goddess of Good, and that at least I wouldnít be asked to hurt anyone to pay off that debt. When I told this to Faelinn she told me that the Lady doesnít bind people to her service, and that she would help me find another way to pay Aurora back for helping me if I truly didnít want to follow her. I gave it some thought and spent some time watching members of the Church to see how they practiced their faith. What really helped me though was talking with Amergin. He didnít know who I was then, but he took the time at a Black and White to sit down with me and explain his connection to the Lady. It was his connection that inspired me to stay in the Church and serve Aurora, and it molded much of how I looked at faith.

He told me that we each carry a light within us. That light in us is a part of her Light. Wherever we go, whenever we do good in the world, we spread her Light. By simply being us, by helping people and keeping in mind what the Lady would want from us, we worship her. We show faith by trusting in her. If she sets a task for us we trust that it is one we can accomplish, and that she knows the best course. He also told me that Aurora will never abandon you, no matter who you are or what youíve done.

Iíve always held those words dear. That way of interacting with the Lady has helped me call on her strength in the darkest places, and I mean that literally. I was never one to build altars or preach to the common folk, though I highly respect those who do those tasks. I prayed to the Lady by acting in a way she would want of a follower. I showed my worship by doing everything I could to stop evil and help those who needed it. I held to my faith by never doubting that she was always at my side. One important thing I learned in my time adventuring in her service - If everyone tells you that you canít do something, if everything seems to be going to Hell in a handbasket, when you literally have nothing left to hold onto but that light inside of you - Believe. She will always have faith in you. Grant her, and yourself, the same in return.

I donít know your reasons for looking to worship the Lady better, but I can tell you that simply by asking that question youíre half of the way there. What you need to find is your personal connection to the Lady. For me, that connection came in healing and helping others. For you it might be something else. Talk to Faelinn and others in the Church; both those new to Auroraís worship and those whoíve been following her for a long time. As is written in the Library of Ivory, ďThrough knowledge, we drive back the darkness.Ē

I hope that my words have been helpful. I have faith that youíll find your path. Remember, the Lady watches over and protects you even now.

May you have a blessed Yule, and a good year to come.

In Light, Faith, and Hope:

Sir Valerie Hart

Letter received 2014, Valerie had ascended by this time
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