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Letter from King Alcar (Heir)

Type of Missve: private correspondence, handed to individuals
Date: 2/16/1008
Responses: no
To the People of the Realms,

More through chance than anything else I have become a king. My people say that I have a good heart and that I rule with a just hand. I never looked for religion but found comfort in Aurora's Light. However, more than just a king I am a man with a hunger for adventure and a desire to undo the evil spread throughout our lands. For years I have taken the role of king to heart and listened as my advisers have kept me safe from harm.

With guidance from higher powers I have determined that Coventry can only be a beacon of Light if those that lead it seek to extinguish darkness. With that said, I wish to make known a quest that I will set out upon during the warmer months ahead. An heir must be chosen in the event that my steel and faith are not enough for the dangers that I face.

It is my intention to crown a Prince or Princess of Coventry so that I may with a lighter heart seek the end to the Dream Demon responsible for the deaths of so many. I will of course accept aid in this quest; both Knights and Squires of the Crown, as well as friends of Coventry and Aurora's Path are welcome.

May the Light of Aurora Guide You
May Rawonam's Strength Direct Your Sword
May Justari's Wisdom Bring You Piece

King Alcar Mortrass of Coventry

Tags: Primary Source, Non-Player Character
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