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Priorities of the Church

On August 31, 1018 at Feast of Folkestone XIX
By Laika en'Naur

Priorities of the Church

Garm- For far too long the God of Balance, Garm, has been pinned down by the sword of Kings, and his treasonous Avatar, Asmodeus, has been siphoning his power. The gods are now not bound to the laws which protect them and can directly intervene with mortal actions. No one is safe, not even the gods, with Garm not in power.

Ending Slavery- The church will no longer turn a blind eye to slavery. All people deserve to be free. Slavery is a sin upon this world and it is unacceptable. I ask everyone to do what they know is right and oppose the injustices of this world.

The Strangers- These are beings from planes far beyond my comprehension who are planning to usurp our gods, taking the gods powers for themselves. We must look for weapons to destroy the Strangers and defend our gods. If we do not, the world will be consumed. We need champions to protect our gods from harm.

Champion of Aurora- This position has been left empty for far too long. Many entities seek to destroy the light. The time of action is now, and I ask all who would seek to protect the light to begin trials to become her Champion. No matter who you are, or where you come from, If you wish to protect the light please seek her trials.

Recruitment- For many years the church has stagnated and needs to grow again. To fight against the endless dark or invaders from other worlds, we desperately need help and followers. If you would like to know more about Aurora or how to help our cause, please seek me out.

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