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Dream 6-27-1017

Dreamer: Rosetta
Date: 06/27/2017
Where dream occured: My home in Faerie
Interpretation included: Yes
[This is my best recollection of a dream I, Rosetta, shared with Orion, Cressida, and Melethiel. It includes a fair amount of symbology, but also direct, lucid conversations and actions.]

In the great green room
There was a bookcase
and four windows
and a picture of
The sickly dragon of flame
And a roaring fireplace
And a table and a bed
And a place to rest your head
There was more, of course,
but It needed to start its discourse
So, the room had its views,
and the Awakened, one assumes
were soon stirring from their slumber...

[Here is how the skerry looked from above, when all was well]

We all woke up in the skerry, wearing dream-forms. Orion and Cressida recognized the room as one from recent dreams, and recognized the dragon. Both had been to the room about a week before, and Cressida had been there in her dreams more times in the past.

Melethiell was in the Dreaming for the first time.

Orion mentioned the windows had not been there the last time. The west window held a view of great plains, with dips and valleys, and long hillsides, all waving with a mixture of long grass here, wheat there, and blue skies that travel into the horizon. No sound came from the window.

Orion said that the dragon (who is believed to be Lucien's Dragon, a new form of an adventurer that some once knew) said the green room was made by the Dreamer, Masks, Sky and Space.

Melethiell found a book and was able to make out a few pages, which I have reproduced here to the best of my ability.

Melethiell noted that the book was about, among others, me, and indeed it involved a day where I was summoned to try and help Ezmerelda by Balthazar, which I will try to detail elsewhere.

She then looked into a crystal ball, what comes next I'm going to put as my notes immediately after waking up said it, even though they are kind of incoherent, in case there is wisdom to be gained.

At first, nothing happens,
and then the nighttime sounds of peepers can be heard.
Far away, and yet near.
The green room's wall, they flucuate with colors, from green, all the way to dark blue, and every hue in-between back to green.
There's a set of words, something being said.
Something being repeated.
The bears, they are still muzzled, but they are actually shifting in their seats, shifting in the painting, as music begins to play.
The griffin, it glides gently in and out of view around and over the moon, and whenever the frame would obscure its turn, it still comes back, flapping lazily along.
The oil lamp, its flame flickers and dances.
10 fingers, 10 laws that I live by.
and the music begins to slowly fade out, too. something about musicians and life...

After this, the room returned to its more stationary look, as when we first woke up.

Orion and Cressida recognized the song, and said they understood more this time. They were all rules of survival, something to counter the calming music. Orion caught more of them than he had before.

Melethiell and Cressida looked under the bed, and were delighted to find that while it was particularly, light-swallowingly dark there, a gray cat came out.

The voice of a woman I once knew, which I take as the voice of the sickly dragon within this dream, spoke for the first time, saying That is no ordinary domesticated creature. The cat also attracted the attention of the sickly dragon's picture.

As the cat became acquainted with some of the dreamers, it was shown to have six limbs, not four, and a little red bow behind one ear, and later we noticed two spiked tendrils emerging from its front shoulderblades. The voice continued, One of these creatures, in reality, lies with the Knight's Squire. I believe this means it is the kitten of a Displacer Beast.

The Message, however, is still here. In a way. As many months as there are in a year, I can answer questions of thee.

You are four. You may choose to share, or split equally, or have one speak, or as you wish... but only Months of the Year is the limit.

I brought up that some consider there to be 13 months in a year, but this was shot down.

As we considered what to ask, I examined a bottle with a curious label that we had not been able to decode. It contained a viscous liquid. I concluded the label, written in a script I do not know, meant "T'et'ulinyi." It reminds me of "Tiledike," meaning Belief in an old language, but no meaning for this word came to me.

I noticed that the dragon's picture, and its voice, could not have been in the green room when Masks made it. I am uncertain of what to make of this: How much the room was set up to allow just this sort of thing to happen, with the right dreamers, and how much it was a lucky accident, using something Masks had created for entirely different purposes.

For our first question, I asked for the meaning of "T'et'ulinyi." I was told it is of a language no longer spoken in the Realms, and roughly means "Drink me."

Second question, is there a connection between the Dreamer and Time Snarls? No, though this could be changed by time magic, such as the Time Snarls.

Third question, how can we best stop the further creation of Time Snarls? At the current time, locate those in Quar's "Pantheon" and remove them as we can.

Fourth question, who is the most vulnerable of Quar's Pantheon? At this point, it is an even tie between Ush'dui and Har'dro [note: I killed Ush'dui a little over a year later].

Orion noted that Ush'dui was connected with a crazy old man who might have worked for her, and someone called the Playking, who might have been a rival of the old man. [See Dream 1-4-19 for another enigmatic Playking reference]

Fifth question: How can we find Ush'dui? One can find her toying with minds in The Dreaming, for she plays not in the mortal Realms since her last run-in with strong mages, and the last Dream Master of the time.

Sixth question: What is her most exploitable weakness? A most intriguing question, my Master [Lucien] thinks. From him, he wagers that games of the mind are both her strength and her weakness; indeed, the rest of Quar's Pantheon are much more intelligent and wiser than her, and thus this drives her frequently to Hysteria.

When I expressed irritation at playing mind games against gods, the voice countered: Depends on the game, Mage. Would one say that the games Jack once played were so terrible?

I said that Jack was not a god [note I am assuming that the Jack in question is the dream-being who warned us about the Risen Kingdom], and the voice responded, Then why think Ush'dui as such? Words have power. That is my Master's only clue and warning for the rest of this time we have together.

This was quite a significant clue. Since then, I have understood that Quar and his family wish to be seen as gods, but are not gods. As such, I do not help them, and refer to them as a family, not a Pantheon, for only gods form Pantheons.

Seventh question: Are we being spied on by agents of of Quar or Quar's family at the moment? No, for my Master is currently stronger than Ushi'dui at this time [Note that Lucien being stronger than Ush'dui, who I assume she meant, comes up again in The Dreamquake].

This relieved me, it meant the "cat" was not a spy as I feared for a moment.

Eighth question, from Orion: How can we contact Jack? As one contacts any spirit in your waking Realms; or should you seek Jack out in Dreams, know that the way may be more... adventurous at this time. You have four months left.

Ninth question: What is the best way to lure Ushi'dui out of her domain so that we could confront her? [I was warned this was very dangerous, and this part of the answer I will keep in a separate record for now. As she has since been slain, it is hopefully moot...]

Tenth question, from Cressida: If we were to drink from the bottle that is telling us to drink it, what would happen to the person who drank it? Transformation and memories bestowed of a Time Forgotten, yet Needs to Be Remembered. This would carry over into the Waking Realms. That is your warning from myself. You have two months left.

Eleventh question: What is Quar's family tree, going back not more than two generations before Quar? That information is beyond my knowledge, Mage, and that of my Master's. However, I heard once, from a being named Aven Dar, that there is a Library in the Temple of Time. That may help you. You have one month left.

Twelfth question: What are the full rules regarding how and when you answer questions like this? The rules regarding 'when' are ever in flux, which is out of my Master's domain, a current frustration yet he will currently abide by The Rules if Chronos is doing the same.

The rules regarding 'how':

One: How I answer is limited to my own memories, the knowledge my master wishes to grant me from the current time, what the last Dream Master and his Pillar of Loyalty wove for me, and the four aspects those two bestowed upon me from the Hollow World that was found and fought within.

Two: How I answer will also be as honest as I can, for as I once was in life, so I am in spirit.

Three: How I answer will never knowingly be evil, or encourage one to engage in evil actions. While I am aware there is a Balance, Garm is no longer there to enforce the Rules, and as such, I am for Good.

[Note that being Good no longer applies to Lucien, since the Dreamquake, and it is uncertain whether it applies to Lucien's Dragon, as a servant. In addition, Garm is back, enforcing the Rules once more.]

At this point, the "year" had ended, and the candle flame snuffed out. Rime appeared and started to crawl across surfaces.

Melethiell grabbed the cat.

Cressida grabbed the "drink me" bottle and drank it. She screamed and vanished.

Rime grew, creeping across the green room, pouring downits sides. Icicles formed on the ceiling, pointed and jagged and menacing, and started cutting up the floor. The 'cat' raised its hackles on Melethiell's shoulders. Melethiell woke up, vanishing with the cat, but I refused to see one of the rare remaining pieces of Masks' loving crafts destroyed.

I invoked the Dreamer with Silencio Wunjo Matsu Lilt'turniti Redgemor, while a stalagmite shredded the dragon's picture. It said Oh. Look at that. I've been impaled. and I do not believe I heard from it again in that dream.

Once I had invoked and my new form was stablized, I stood and danced on the ceiling as I attempted to channel the Dreamer's powers to protect its work. The ice, below, had surrounded Orion in the center of the room, but I saw some sign that it was working. Orion had felt hindered by being unable to manifest a sword in this dream, but took a fighting stance. The ice began to crack in some few sections as I worked to dispel it, while in others it wrecked the furniture and the remains of the picture.

Orion and I worked together, me intensifying my Dreamer's ways, Orion realizing he could a splintered piece of furniture as a club to beat back the ice. Orion's attack was more effective than the individual hits would suggest, with the ice falling back in a way under the blows.

Finally, the ice pushed away, I used my invocation to restore the room's furnishings, ending with the table by sealing Orion's club back into its leg once I was confident the ice was gone.

I have not been back, but I believe that skerry is still out there, somewhere.
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