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The Dreamquake

In April of 1018, Ush'dui, also called Hysteria, a member of Quar's family, attempted to unleash something terrible that had been sealed away in a skerry in the Dreaming. She believed it would serve her, or wanted to benefit from the chaos (and hysteria) that would come of its release.

She sent dark elves who served her bodily into the Dreaming to perform an unsealing ritual.

The Realms gathered to attempt to stop her. As going bodily into the Dreaming has many unpredictable dangers, we approached as Dreamers. This meant that we had to go through a series of skerries that had been set up as barriers. They involved such varied scenes as a wedding, and making a pizza pie.

Larrysaurus was present, and his unique ways of interacting with the world gave him almost limitless spellcasting ability.

We were too slow, and ran out of time. Many of us threw everything we had available to hurry us along, but by the end, we found ourselves harried by her minions while a group of acolytes neared completion of the ritual. Our worst foe was a nigh-invulnerable being that kept saying "I'm Batman." It was able to cause compulsions in others. I attempted to distract the being, first drawing it into an embrace, then moving to restrain it, and finally, fighting as the gods do. However, we were unable to progress even for the short times that I kept it slowed down.

In an act of desperation, Thoril prepared to invoke Lucien, the God of Dreams, to ask that he destroy the skerry and everyone in it. It was made clear that this would have long-lasting repercussions on more than just the particular skerry. I, with my own unique powers in the Dreaming at the time, knew I could stop him if I wanted. However, I also knew that the ritual would complete in mere seconds, and I had no reason to believe that we had any other means to stop it.

The utter destruction of the skerry, and its associated dangers, had ripples throughout the dreaming, and has been named the Dreamquake. Lucien, for his interference, changed from being aligned with Good to becoming Neutral. The souls of everyone in the skerry at the time were set adrift, though I believe all the adventurers were recovered. Effects of the Dreamquake were seen months later, during a weekend of questing in Chimeron, and it is likely that other related phenomena will be found for years to come.

Many looked down on Thoril for his actions on that day, however, I will state clearly that I saw him, I could have stopped him, and I agree that his course of action was the least bad available to us in that moment.
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