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I have reason to believe that followers of Chronos are somehow connected to the Time Snarls. In going over older logs, however, there was note of a female I couldn't track:

As the rumor says village to village, Iawen is in Wendmor. Has this woman stopped by yet, or just the local news that is traveling?
From what your able to find out, She has not yet been in the Wendmor area. The rumor seems to be spreading quickly as she seems to appear randomly.
'Randomly'. Iawen's heard that before as she gets down the Rhime & Thoth book from her rickety book shelf, and pulls out a 1006 map of the Realms to compare to the 1011. There is a giant marked out set of points that form a star, and she asks using first her Guidance to see if she was at:


Fortune Tell: Luna, Goddess of the Full, I ask thee to use my tools through me... (colored pencils and parchment)

- What does this woman that keeps being mentioned in rumor look like?
- What is the name of this woman?
- How old is this woman?
- What places from previous maps
Guidance: As Iawen looks over the map casting Guidance the surface seems to ripple for a moment. As she looks at each city a cursive "No" seems to float over each of the cities.

Fortune tell: You watch as your hands take on an even more silver cast to them as they start to draw out an image of a woman in a sheer dress and a silvery veil near a pool of water looking out at the viewer. A crown of the three main faces of the moon (Crescent, full, crescent) is on her brow holding the veil in place. Under the picture you watch as your hands draw out the name "High Priestess" with an Infinity symbol next to it.

...and that's all I got.
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