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Dream 1-4-19

Dreamer: Rosetta
Date: 01/04/2019
Where dream occured: My home in Faerie
Interpretation included: Yes
A tall human male, dressed up Neo-Hellenic style, rushes down sandstone stairs with his sandals clip-clopping as he descends into a brilliantly lit open room. "Reader! Har'dro's Reader! Is it time?! Is it their New Year?!" he asks excitedly.
"Yes, Har'dro's Havoc, it is past their New Year," comes the even-toned reply. A half-masked, heavy-set humanoid sits at a too small desk, hunched over their sketchbook as they make intricate drawings in the center of the room. The male bounds over and looms over the sketcher called Har'dro's Reader.
"I like this one!" says the happy male human, tapping a sketch of a male with glasses. "I want this one on my Team! Wait, does he actually wear spectacles? He may be too smart to play, hmm!"
"The appearance of eye-wear doesn't necessarily mean one has high intelligence and low physique, Har'dro's Havoc. He is running his own Team, Team Voraniss, and he is their Reader. They already have a Patron as well, a Ragnar Blackmane."
"Ah, yes, the one with the magnificent hair..." The happy male human's smile becomes forced for a moment as he takes that information in. "...well! That just means I get to watch them in action! I like this group, too!" He dances his fingers across the sketchbook, stopping on the Auroran group. "Is it true that Team Aurora can shoot light from their chests and heads?"
"No, Har'dro's Havoc, they cannot."
"What fun is that if they can't shoot light from wherever they want?"
"No fun at all, Har'dro's Havoc."
"And we're all about the fun, aren't we?" He walks away from the sketches, and moves aside the linen curtains to reveal a view of the desert, with two moons sinking below the horizon.
"Ah, it's so good to be back!" He claps his hands together and rubs them excitedly. "I haven't been able to play games in ages. Now, dear Reader! Give me an update on... The Benched!" He moves out onto the balcony as the desert breeze wafts the curtains about.

With a roll of their eyes, they open their sketchbook to earlier drawings. "The Eagles are now completely out. All Benched have either been moved to other locations, changed their timelines dramatically, or unknowingly were encased away from the games to begin with."
"Good, good, we don't need any Lawfuls in a game of sport. Continue!" says Har'dro's Havoc, as he spots a lizard sunning itself below the balcony.
"With the destruction of the little sister, Hysteria, the playmate known as Ezmerelda is benched to our knowledge. Sir Hermian is benched by choice. The Owl has relocated. Most others within the Leafy Kingdom are too busy with The Strangers to give the Games much thought."
"But doesn't the Leafy Kingdom have a Team?" He watches the lizard intently.
"Aye, Team Beam. Sir Wil, Sir Tao, and one named Orion, with their Reader, Cressida. They are doing well in the initial try-outs. Moving on, the Followers of Curt have benched themselves for unknown reasons to us at this Time. The ones of Harlequin have not formed a Team as hoped; their former leader is messing about with Time as well."
"Good, good. More Time Keepers makes things more sporting for us. Continue!" says Har'dro's Havoc, licking his lips.
"The Guild of the Beast seems to no longer be a problem, as they have become a footnote in history. The DreamWeavers have been all but destroyed, now that the DreamQuake has shaken things up and The God of Dreams is Neutral. The Mystics are still on the roster. The Star-Crossed are lagging, but still on the roster. Team Lemming is out there somewhere. Team Blackheart had a good showing in the try-outs."
"What of the the Tarot-marked?"
"No one has seen the Hermit for quite some time. The Hierophant seems to have changed from one to another. The Fool and the Eight of Cups haven't been seen. The Hanged Man is no longer reversed. They haven't a Team."
"Mmhmm," responds the happy male, and then deftly climbs onto the balcony's ledge as the Reader continues.
"The Pride hasn't yet engaged, but they are hosting a feast soon. Shall we send a representative there?"
"Representative sounds too... stuffy! Let's use a different word-ah! Super-fan!" And he leaps off the ledge.
The Reader rolls their eyes again.
"The Strangers will have their own competition again soon, as the Spider Queen stirs, and machinations are in play to restore the God of Balance to his former power."

The Reader looks up to see that the happy human male has landed back on the balcony, but is no longer grinning but gritting his teeth. One lizard tail is twitching crazily against the pearly whites. "What?!" he hisses quietly.
"It's true. The Spider Queen moves, and--"
He swallows, the tail disappearing. "I don't care about that, go back to the balance thing. If those teammates are successful, does that mean... HE will enforce the Rules?"
"It would seem so, Har'dro's Havoc."
"Some time in the last full Winter Month."
The grin returns as he taps a finger against his chest, thinking. "Well, that doesn't leave us much time for dilly-dallying. COME, dear Reader! Let us go see The Playking! He'll know what to do."
"What about the rest of the Teams? We're still looking for sign-ups and patrons, Har'dro's Havoc."
"I'm certain anyone who's anyone will sign-up once they hear about The Wish as the main prize! We worked so hard to acquire this Wish, after all. Now!" He poses dramatically at the bottom step. "To the Playking!"
"As you wish." They close up their sketchbook, and follow after their teammate, climbing the steps with a huff and a puff.


This seems to involve Quar's family. It is vivid and direct enough to likely be a literal vision, rather than a primarily symbolic dream.

In it, Havoc is discussing his tournaments, which have been postponed several times. It mentions how Hysteria was defeated when she manifested as a being of eyes and tentacles. Her tie to Chimeron's Court Mage, Ezmerelda, had already been cut, but the two shared an enmity.

The Leafy Kingdom may mean Chimeron, which is symbolized by the Rowan Branch (with 15 leaves).

Ragnar Blackmane is a long-surviving member of the Black Star Guild. His current aims are unknown.

The meaning of "Reader" is unclear, and whether it means the same thing when referencing a team and "Har'dro's Reader."

The reference to the DreamQuake is when a dangerous skerry was destroyed by Lucien, transforming him from a Good to Neutral God.

The discussion of the God of Balance references freeing Garm from the throne he had been impaled on, allowing him to resume his full powers and return to enforcing the Rules upon the Gods. This did indeed come to pass, at the gathering called "Divine Intervention 1: Divine Aid", in March 1019.

This dream is the first indication of what Havoc's aims may be: as the prize is a Wish, one possibility is that Havoc looks forwards to, or even benefits from, the mayhem created by the level of conflict that a Wish may inspire. Or, perhaps Havoc intends to use or corrupt the Wish in some way that could not happen if he used it directly.
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