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Facts & Theories: Time Snarls

Using the first hand accounts on Time Snarls, we know a few key facts:

-The first Time Snarl known in present day was encountered at the Feast of Folkstone 1014. The results of the investigation by the adventurers at hand led to the conclusion that ether a Dark Elf god of Time should be given the snarl or it should be give it to Chronos. The Adventurers in the end tossed the snarl in the air and told them to "share the damn thing." It was caught by the Dark Elf follower of Quar, who thanked the adventurers, and vanished.

-Things lost in Time Snarls end up in different points in time as shown by disappearance of the God Blade Kurt and the familiar named Ward. While Kurt was returned to Sir Mestoph Darkling by a Dark Elf, Ward went back in time about 300 years and seeded a new population of Wyverns.

-The creator of these snarls or rifts have the capability to swap out time threads for others, slowing replacing bits and pieces of our timeline as a slow methodical takeover of the time for the benefit of the person controlling and creating these snarls.

-Sage Rita Thunderwalker is being sent by Chronos through out time to fix this paradox. An agent of some sort.

-Since Feast of Folkstone 1014, there have been 5 time snarls that have appeared Realms in different locations (Including one in Faerie)
  • Update: Time Snarls are becoming more and more common. I personally have encountered four in the past 9 months.

    -Do not Lick a Time Snarl


    -A third-party is trying to change time to their benefit by 'swapping threads' or chaining our timeline in a piecemeal manner.

    -The Dark Elf that seems to be around when these Time Snarls appear probably knows more about Time Snarls than most.
    Update: Drow Elves/Dark Elves are more and more common when Time Snarls are active.

    -It is possible that you do not return from a Time Snarl to your present time... ever. Sir Ged Rosetta and Squire Jace Moonshadow were lucky to have Sage Rita at the other end of the Snarl they jumped in so that she could help us back. Until we know more, DO NOT touch a Time Snarl unless absolutely necessary.

    -If you are in a Time Snarl (which you really should not be), try to undo the paradox that it is causing and it is possible you may get back to your timeline. *SPECULATION*

    -These space-time events are small. If you or something large jumps inside the space-time event will be known by Chronos and the God of Time will attempt to fix the problem. *SPECULATION*

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