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The Family

Author: Rosetta
Date: 1020-12-13
There is a family of beings, most likely dark elves, who would like to be seen as gods and have significant power.

Quar is the most powerful and possibly the eldest. It seems like he would like to be a Time God. Hysteria (another family member) has implied he has a sword that can create Time Snarls, and that he is doing it as part of his plans.

Hysteria has appeared variously as "Hys," "Teri," and possibly "Ria." A truer name of hers might be "Ush'dui." She talks like she is playing games, but gets upset if she isn't winning. She was last seen at a Queen of Hearts, probably 1017 or 1018, when she manifested as a monster of eyes and tentacles instead of an elf. She was defeated and seems to have gone more dormant, possibly to not be seen again until some kind of final confrontation in Quar's domain.

Havoc is physically imposing and has no inside voice. He loves tournaments and has been arranging for a large one, in which teams of three will compete against each other. Some teams are being sponsored by notable individuals. It is unclear how playing in his tournaments further his plans, or the extent that his plans run counter to the well-being of the Realms. Havoc insists he is a human, and assumes that everyone else wants to pass as human. It appears that Hysteria has been known to call him "Mayhem-brother."

There are others, according to a dream.
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