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Log of Time Snarl Encounters

Jace's Journal: A Journey Through Time
Journal Entry: One month after the New Year 1015.

Events took place in Year 1014, a few weeks after Autumn Solstice.

I really should think before I act. I was stuck 21 years in the past, maybe more, and Eagle's Rook did not exist.

Let's start at the beginning. During the Autumn Equinox I had the pleasure of listening to Sir Iawen Penn tell me stories and adventures about Eagle's Rook and other adventures. I wished to hear more of these stories and she suggested that if I were to learn more I should investigate at the Tower of Xaos.

First mistake

Why did I ever think it was a good idea to go there in the first place? Xaos' domain is the void or nothingness, both domains that I am not entirely comfortable with. I also had no backup (Sir Vawn and Sir Twenaria would kill me if they knew I had no back-up) and so no one knows what happened to me except for my hawk Jaina.

Anyway I go inside and see a glowing floating multi-colored knot-like object. I initially decided not to go near it and went upstairs. The place was completely silent.... and I mean silent. I could not hear myself, only the vibrations of my heart inside of me. I lit the candles on the second floor and I felt normal again. Taking a quick look around I found nothing of interest on the second floor. So I went back to the glowing knot.

Second Mistake

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided that instead of finding some sort of mage to help me I should touch it. It seemed harmless enough.
Immediately I was pulled into what seemed like a dream like state and I hear this very sad song

Once this song was done I landed I found myself on my back in the middle of winter weather. In the distance I saw a burnt out homestead and made my way to it. As I neared the homestead I heard a multitude of different voices over the strong wind including those of Sir Iawen, Coupant, and Ophelia.

Note: Research Ophelia back at the library.

Finally I reached the homestead where I met Sage Rita Thunderwalker, a guest of Tarngire and apparently also from the future. She mentioned that the location that I landed in is near Castle Ravensloft which in present time is the Eagle's Rook Keep. Eagle's Rook for those who are unaware was founded by Sir Gunnar after the Quest to Ravensloft succeeded in his rescue in the year 993. My year of birth is 993 which meant that if Eagle's Rook does not exist where I landed, I would be born within the year.

Note: Find information on Thuderwalker. I am aware of one Kol Thuderwalker of Mythguard but I am not sure if there is a relation.

Soon after Sir Ged Rosetta dropped outside of where we were located. I filled him in on my situation and we both found that we had entered into separate time snarls at different times. According to Sage Rita, the place that both Sir Rosetta and I fell was a location which was haunted by ghosts from the future and the past and that Sage Rita was sent by Chronos to fix the paradox. What is peculiar and quite frightening is that the creator of these snarls or rifts are swapping out time threads for others, slowing replacing bits and pieces of our timeline as a slow methodical takeover of the time for the benefit of the person pulling the strings.

Both Sir Rosetta and I were willing to aid in the ritual that would fix this particular rift in time. We were instructed to think of someone we care for and respect so as to keep a sense of reality and the ghosts appear. After ingesting some very nasty substance, we both started to hallucinate. Fae and Human are quite different as while Sir Rosetta did experience a vision of his own, mine was strong enough to put me to my knees and mutter.
A wail from beyond the grave snapped me back into action as Rita informed us that if the ghost were to make a move on the party we would have to keep them at bay and fire was the best tool for the job. As I got up I grabbed a branch from the fire that was burning along with the hunting dagger I hand on my person. Sir Rosetta set up a circle of protection and we were ready for the worst.

Clearly hearing the ghosts gathering outside our shelter and Sage Rita in the process of her ritual, Sir Rosetta decides to reveal the ghosts so that we were not caught by surprise. The Ghost become outlined and are coming into the shelter, not able to pierce the circle of protection. I begin to brandish my flaming branch in a wide arc I toss my last fire starter to Sir Rosetta (which I would like back by the way) in case he needed it in an emergency as it would act as a mass dispel for a few seconds. Pocketing the fire starter, Sir Rosetta comments on the effectiveness of Circle of Protection and skilfully blasts the ghost in front of the Circle of Protection. The Missile causes collateral damage to the shelter and it begins to crumble which Sir Rosetta seals with his Circle of Protection now armed with Magic Missiles and a dagger with the word “Faith” engraved on the blade.

This entire time Sage Rita is completing her ritual and almost finishes when she missed the last bag which she had been throwing into the fire when the last one missed and bounced towards my foot. A combination of my kick and Sir Rosetta’s magic the last bag made it into the fire and the fire become as tall as the shelter and a thousand times brighter. With one last cacophonous wail of ghosts and spirits, Sage Rita requested a shield. I used my body to protect Sage Rita while Sir Rosetta came to our side and seemed to have changed his outfit. Sage Rita creates an arcane shield that surrounded us and I then was in Eagle’s Rook without any memory of what had just happened.

Jace of ER

Jace - I am going to hope that you will fill in a description of what happened when we went through the Time Snarl, so I will just note what happened while you were unconscious, after the ritual was finished.

When all was said and done and Sage Rita’s ritual had been completed, she appeared to thank Chronos, and a human-head-sized Snarl rose out of the snow on the ground, accompanied by an intense magical field. Forces strained against each other, and then the snarl straightened itself out into a circle. At a tap on the ground from Rita’s staff, the circle expanded to form a narrow doorway, large enough for a human to walk through, and filled with a bright light. Rita expressed concern that the injured Jace, who was unconscious, might not survive the journey, so I healed him, and put him through the portal. Rita was unable or unwilling to explain more of what was happening, so I stepped through the portal myself, and found myself back where and when I was when I first touched the Time Snarl, in Faerie.


This is not a report of the snarl you all seem to have experienced but one from this past summer so please feel free to push it farther down should you need to. ~Kaylan
  • Feast of Folkstone circa 1014 a strange maze like structure had taken form on the beach and lake that are not far from the hall where Folkstone hosts its yearly feast. The maze by all reports, I was blind at the time, held numerous pictograph puzzles and other challenges. I and Janus of Chimeron were talking within the maze itself when some of my divinations showed me a Snarl back up in the Hall itself and that the events here and the snarl were connected. I returned to the hall with Janus and headed back with the Snarl. I learned that the events of the Snarl had been repeating for some time, each time the group of adventurers who went to investigate the events at the beach smaller and smaller, and each time the outcome was the same and explosion and then it started all over. When Janus and I brought the snarl to the maze everyone else disappeared except for Janus, a Dark Elf fellow who was not a Drow?, and I. At which point I was informed I had a choice as to what to do with the snarl, The Dark Elf/Drow fellow said that Qwar(Spelling?) a Dark Elf god of Time should be given the snarl or I could give it to Chronos. I seanced both gods and sort of spoke with them, Rather I talked and got impressions of responses and silence back from them. In the end I tossed the thing up in the air and told them to share the damn thing, it was caught by the Dark Elf( a follower of Qwar I suspect maybe even more) and he said thank you and vanished with the snarl.
  • The Second Snarl started in my Cabin that night and moved to the Hall, after it moved I was able to discover it was a snarl from the war with the Nameless One at a fort not far from the hall. After a bit of poking and licking by others, as a note Do Not Ever Lick a snarl it can be hazardous to your mental health a group of us learned this the hard way, the snarl was eventually smoothed out, this makes me believe some snarls are temporary and do not require Divine influence to smooth out just...Time.

    Added after the original ~~~

    Some points of correction. My name is Aili' Tol. Qwar is spelt Quar.
    The Maze was a trap created to lock us in a time loop after we had defeated the demons Ruckus and Riot. I believe exiting the loop caused the memory of that fight to be forgotten by most everyone. Which is most unfortunate because all of you whom I gathered to help fought remarkably.
    -Aili' Tol


    Greetings Jace,

    At this past Feast of Autumn twilight Borjiid threw my Animal companion, a small wyvern named Ward through the time snarl. I never saw him again... However, a couple of months later at Uncle Cecil's A Dark Elf with long white hair serving from behind the bar from time to time had with him a wyvern companion that looked strikingly like ward. I was told by him he could sense when time had been altered and he gave me this new wyvern to care for; a direct ancestor of Wyrd's. (You may have heard the rumors a few months ago of many wyverns appearing in the Felwood.) Apparently Ward went back in time about 300 years and seeded a new population of Wyverns.

    I believe these are the same Dark Elves that found Kurt's dagger when it was thrown through. I hope this helps.

    ~ Hope of the Felwood.


    I met a time snarl once. Actually twice. I did some stuff with them. I was a follower of Curt in a time loop. I licked one and saw my past. I put a hat through one. Drake wouldn't let me stick my head through it. Time snarls are fun.

    Larry Saurus
    Transcribed by Gary Saurus



    My name is Aili’ Tol and I am the Dark elf often seen when a new Time Snarl appears. I intuitively know when a new one is formed and if I am able to, I travel to seek it out and help unravel it. As a Priest of Quar it is one of my duties, and I thank Jace for creating this Library resource which will allow all of us working on fixing these Snarls to collaborate effectively.

    I have only recently discovered your Elf mail system of letter couriers and so I was delayed in finding this resource. If you should have any question you may ask them here, or seek my out by missive. Additionally, I may travel to your Knights of the Eternal Flame Tournaments and will very likely be at the Feast of Chimeron.

    -Aili’ Tol

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