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Daybreak: Residents were surprised last night when a strange red light was
seen in the ruins to the south west. Dragon's End has been quiet lately,
with no more armies marching through for some time. This red light
phenomenon is new to them, but fortunately does not appear related to
activities of their eastern neighbors.

The Un-named Isle: After a dungeon delve in winter did all but sink the
island and destroy the tower, a pirate and his crew have been scouting about
it, looking for treasure and any sort of sentient survivors that may have a
claim. If none exist, the captain says he will publically lay claim himself.

Eagle's Rook: An excursion is planned for the later summer/early fall to
finally enter the castle of the late uncle of Sir Gunnar. The purpose is to
clear it of all the cursed things, animate or not, that may be there, and
make the castle a viable place to live once more. The citizens of Haze seem
tense about the mission.

Outside Chimeron: Rumors have spread of a trapper boasting the best beast
yet: an actual Treant! People are coming from miles across the kingdom,
crossing its borders to pay a few silver and catch a glimpse of this massive
arboreal monstrosity, but a few feel cheated as it doesn't 'do any tricks';
it just sits there.

In various taverns across the Realms: women in violet cloaks, traveling
with menservants seem to be all the fashion rage these days. Claiming that
Beltane is soon to be upon them, they are preparing for a larger celebration
on the May Day.

In other news: A large wildfire started on the small hillside range outside
of Eagle's Rook, making its way south. One with think with all the recent
flooding and rains descending upon the Realms, that it would be too wet.
Only one farmer has been forced to evacuate with his family; no other
casualties reported.
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