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Achoria: Many adventurers, called by either the lord, through dreams, or by the Ladies themselves were asked to take care of a monster that was very old, and supposedly to be blamed for the change of magics in a large way (the only regionals were that of Fire, Ice, and Insight), not to mention many simple spells (such as raising a fallen adventurer) were no longer accessible. While that particular party made its way down into found tunnels deep under the desert sands, the above group on the Western Flank, led by Rel & Quinn patrolled the area. There were skirmishes on the surface against the Black Star Guild, more specifically members of what they called 'The Torch' and 'The Shield'. They, too, were abusing the newly-shaped magics in the area, and Quinn lost his well-coiffed beard in an attack. Magus Faelinn, upon her return, severely voiced her displeasure. In the end, the monster was destroyed by one Orado of Ivory, the simple spells returned, but the regionals actually stuck around.

Above the Western Mountains: In the City of Ivory, a star was pointing out to be falling (a shooting star/natural occurrence). Later in the night, a loud 'boom' was heard by many in the city and the small trader/border posts along the road. A few reported that a mountain crest appeared to be 'smoking', but by morning the next day(November 14th), any smoke trail was gone.

Luna Temples/Shrines everywhere in the known Realms: any that were manning a temple, tower, church, or shrine around 11 bells in the evening felt a brief wave of anger and resolution before it passed.
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