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Heidenkreis: The fighting between the Guild of the Black Rose and the Red Arrow Emporium continues, though violence has dwindled considerably. Very few caravans attempt to come into the city, and none have made it out. The storefront of the Red Arrow Emporium has closed. Several members of the Black Rose Guild were found gruesomely murdered in the dock area. No witnesses have come forward about the deaths, though some few have claimed they heard weird and eerie howls in the night.

Val Dara, Fairhaven and lands controlled by Baron Tak: A great shake up has occurred in these lands. All presence of the Red Arrow Emporium has been removed, but the people and shops remain. Skeptics believe many of these people are still working for the Red Arrow, just not openly.

Folkestone, near Pinewood: Residents of Pinewood claim a group of plow horses must have escaped their paddock, and a small group of them thundered through town in the early evening.

Paradise: More and more buildings have slipped away (along with some of the people) into Faerie. Sir Iawen Penn, its current steward, says she has spoken to her father about it, and until a Chimeronian can come forth and take the land (among others things) from her, this is the direction it apparently is heading in. Its guessed that Faerie itself isn't bothered by it, as no green elfin couriers or soldiers have beaten down the gates. Also, its noted that no families are split up by the disappearances.

Wendmor: Due to a lot of Western Flank work from Grimloch and Rua Tharr Cinn this year, more paths can be turned into roads, and two outposts can be constructed. Val'Dara and many others have also contributed to this project, and Wendmor (with the new crew of residents that moved in with the people around North/South War in June) is thriving enough to open a small Trading Post in the spring.

The road between Eagle's Rook and Fort Griffindor: A ghost was seen haunting this road, but the ghost was not malevolent; instead it seemed to guide those who had to travel at night on their way safely (and quicker, it seemed), quietly stating at the end of each 'guiding' that 'The Lady of Light bless you' before it would disappear. Some report that the ghost is 'short', others report that its a 'he'... but cannot tell if its a young man or an old man.
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