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Stonewood Times I

Sun, 14 March 1010

Thousands of troops have been seen marching toward Stonewood the past few days. They are coming in from every direction. From the North, South, East and West they march to join the already massive Stonewood army. Each of the armies bare a different heraldry. From the West come the armies of the Northern Alliance. From the South, come the overwhelming forces of Blackwood. Coming in from the North are the forces of Ravenlock and finally from the East are the forces of Creathorne.

Each of these armies are merging up with the forces of Stonewood to face against a single force that seems to be spat from hell itself. The Army of the Baroness of Blood has formed at the North West of Stonewood and is standing strong. Her troops seem to be compiled of enthralled Syndicate members and demons. They have prepared for war and it looks like the Realms as a whole is going to deliver.

If one were to guess the total forces that are going to be seen at this the numbers are mind boggling. The forces of the Realms seem to have mobilized nearly one hundred and thirty thousand troops to stand against the Baronesses army of over two hundred thousand beasts and soldiers. This battle is going to prove to be devastating for both forces.

We here wish the best to our fighting troops of brave men and women who are about to give their lives for the safety of Stonewood and the Realms as a whole. Good luck and may the gods speed.

Stonewood Times
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