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Achoria: Quite a few worshipers of the Five Ladies are finding that the magic they depended on is being sapped. From where or what, or why the reason, the Ladies have not yet answered irregardless of the type of petition. Many commoners are now 'over' the fact that a beautiful elf woman is no longer ruling the country, and some are quick to welcome/herald back the lord.

Realms: A few people here and there have commented on the poetry of Outsider that has still been left up in taverns. One particular tavern-goer in the South has started collecting the remaining prose and made a book of it, calling it A Glance Down Below: Advice from Up Above. So far, no one's bought it. Creathorne, while stating their want to arrest this Outsider in the first place for putting up any poetry, was still not able to nail down who or what to arrest, so Outsider remains in the Realms still.

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