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Several caravans were attacked on their way into or out of the Red Arrow Emporium today.
Members of the Guild of the Black Rose attacked the caravans before they reached the Red Arrow complex. There are many casualties on both sides, but the Black Rose won each altercation. All the merchants and guards were slain, and their goods and corpses taking to the Black Rose keep. Some citizens happened to be ‘in the way’ of the altercations, and were injured, but the Black Rose made certain each was restored to full health, and compensated them for their pain.

The general message was ‘surrender or die’, or if you are part of the Red Arrow Emporium, get out of town.

Various threats and shouting matches promised that this was just the beginning, and the bloodshed today was only the beginning.

Several commoners, both known Emporium workers and unaffiliated people, are still questioning what wrong was committed, and where the proof of the allegations is.


Several hunters report seeing very odd tracks in the areas near Folkestone Hall. By track, the hunters believe the creatures to be bipedal, and travelling in packs of four to six. They believe they are anywhere from 5’8” to 6’3” tall, furry, and taloned… like a werewolf perhaps, but travelling in packs. The oddest part of the creatures is that their tracks simply ‘start’ go for a few miles, then ‘stop’ – as if the creature flew away, or perhaps stopped existing.
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