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Ashenmark:A band of undead was seen walking through the forests near Ashenmark, heading west. While not hostile, this group did startle several commoners that happened to see them. By all reports, the undead numbered at least forty strong. They appeared to be ‘recently dead’ – zombie like. They were led by a cloaked and hooded person upon a pale horse. The group was not on a main road.

Rumors abound that various Heroes of the Realms are missing, or at least, have not been seen since departing for a meeting in Ashenmark scheduled for last Sunday.

Heidenkreis: The guild war between the Red Arrow Emporium and the Guild of the Black Rose became violent and bloody yesterday, as the last caravans within the city attempted to leave. Black Rose associates insisted the caravan personnel simply abandon their goods and leave, but the Red Arrow agents refused to do so. The fighting was intensive, and spilled into the local population. There were many casualties on each side.

About half of the Red Arrow caravan escaped the city, leaving half of their goods and many people behind.

Emissaries from the church of Darklore aided the Black Rose, and soon restored the fallen Black Rose members. Red Arrow corpses were brought to the Keep, as well as the remaining caravan goods.

Some fires were caused by the fighting, and caused some property damage to local businesses.

Black Rose members, later in the day, raided the Red Arrow Emporium’s ‘stronghold’ and discovered many things. According to rumor, they found signs of something evil, but the rumors vary wildly on what exactly was found. No Red Arrow personnel remained behind to defend the stronghold.

Ivory:A trade caravan was delayed several hours, so guards were sent to investigate. The caravan had been attacked by a band of ‘desperate men’. Some items, mostly food, were taken. There were a few injuries, but no casualties.

Tuath Fasach:A temple to the KalenDral in Tuath Fasach was vandalized recently. Profane markings and disgusting items were left behind by the vandals. Local authorities warn residents away from the site, suggesting that some of the items are cursed in some fashion.

Temple of Luna, Corsica: A small outcry actually rose up among the people of Corsica as someone had taken the tithe collected for 'da kiddies' from the Temple of Luna. After much hunting, fighting, and general bribery, the man was found. Instead of being hung up by his toes in the cold, waiting for a near-by spotted Krakken to eat him, the punishment was decided to dress the man up as a mock Father Yule, and be forced to be listened to the wants of every Corsica child... and woman... and man. Every single one. And they expect him to 'do his best' in fulfilling the wants. He also has to work at the temple for a fortnight.

Various people, mostly located along the coast, have reported seeing a strange band of very large horses. The horses were never seen from up close, always at a distance, and always in poor lighting. The horses are believed to be plow horses or dray animals of some kind that have escaped their paddocks. Some reports claim the horses were traveling very quickly – too quickly for any horse.
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