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Folkestone & Southern Wastes: Reports of undead attacking travelers and gathering on the outside of small villages. These sightings have been accompanied by sightings of a man in a metal mask. There have yet to be any fatalities, but the slain undead corpses seem to disapear by the time local authorities arrive on the scene.

Teng Hua: Stories of a feudal village put to the sword have started to circulate taverns across the realm. The stories vary on many details, except one, there were no survivors. Some say that the attack was lead by an organized force, while others seem to think it was just marauding orcs. The slaughter seemed to have happened between two and five months ago.

Ashenmark/Borderlands Border: An great earthquake split the ground in several places around the hills on the border of Ashenmark and the Eastern Borderlands. Several mines in the area have collapsed, however none seemed to be occupied at the time of the quake.

Ports of the Realms: Crews of merchant ships report an unusually high amount of black sailed ships seen traveling the seas. Although there has not been an increase in piracy many comment that they seas are starting to feel more and more of an unwelcome place.

Taverns from Pub Grub to Cold Springs: Many have made comment of a one eyed man in dark robes traveling the roads constantly complaining of fools, churches, and the lack of roads in Chimeron. Questions and kindness are rebuked by rude comments and harsh language.
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