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A woman was attacked by horrific looking wolves in the public square last night. The woman is described as being dark haired and dark eyed, roughly five and a half feet tall. She was clad in dark leathers, breeches and jacket. A scar ran across her face, making it quite memorable. She carried no weapons. The wolves are described as looking as if they were made up of ice and shadows. The woman apparently fought the animals with her bare hands, and a copious amount of swearing. While the swearing didn't seem to help directly, they did seem to make her stronger with each explicative. By all counts, she's good at swearing... She slew six of the animals, mostly by grabbing them and tearing them into pieces by sheer strength, but she was eventually brought down by sheer numbers, and dragged out of the town square into the forest beyond. The bodies of the animals she slew dissolved soon after the creature=s body was broken, leaving only traces of rime behind, which also quickly melted away. Several guards attempted to help, but the attack happened too quickly for them to get organized in any meaningful way. Curiously, the location of this occurrence is not confirmed. Some say it happened near Aeranor, others say it happened near Charlesford, still others claim it happened near the borders of Folkestone.
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