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Commoners from all over the Realms have reported seeing a woman either disintegrated by an eerie black cloud, or have simply reported a woman missing. Oddly, all of the woman match in description, though they hail from different parts of the Realms. All of the women are described as being dark haired and dark eyed, in their early forties.

Morgan was a teacher of self defense in the city of Portsmouth in Folkestone. This feisty lady was known for the love of a good fight, whether that be melee or verbal sparring didn't matter much to her. By commoner account, she was on the edge of the sea, doing weapon katas when a black wave rose up out of the sea swiftly, and crashed down on her. Her body has yet to be recovered.

Adriana was a priestess of Luna who travelled from community to community. She was leaving a small community on the outskirts of Aerenor, when a black cloud seemed to spring up out of the ground, enveloping her. When the cloud dispersed, there was no sign of the priestess. Rumors of her nature vary wildly. Some say she was a lycanthrope. Some say she was a spell-caster of great skill. Some say she was a virgin due to an oath to the goddess.

A woman, was seen walking along the road toward the capital of Chimeron. She wore black and red, and seemed to be of dubious intention. This woman told some that her name was Andarial, and she had a message for the King of Chimeron. She was nearly to the capital when a flash of lightning seemed to slice through the air, leaving nothing where Andarial stood save a blackened smear.

In the city of Charlesford , neighbors have reported one of the women missing. Brigit is described as being a very, very organized, orderly person, bordering on obsession. When she didn't make it to her normal appointments, a concerned friend went to her home. While nearly everything in Brigit's home was as impeccable as normal, the bed-clothes were in a jumbled disarray, and none of Brigit's shoes were gone, implying she was taken while in bed.

Aisling, a troubled woman, lived in a small village outside of Cawdyll. Though adult, she still lived with her parents, and they cared for her as they could. Aisling rarely ventured out of her own home, so her parents were alarmed when they returned from their normal chores to find Aisling missing. Searchers have found no sign of her.
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