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Several communities from around the realms have a few unusual rumors coming from them: Several people have died suddenly. Time of death is assumed to be sometime either very late Saturday or Sunday night (reports conflict). The bodies display no signs of alarm or violence, nor signs of illness or accident. While many of these victims match the recent abductees in description (dark hair, dark eyes, in their early forties) some few do not. Several families have also gone missing, but it doesn't look as if they were attacked or anything; more like they had moved away, but none of their neighbors or friends had heard that they were planning to move, nor had any indication that they were even planning to do so.

Ivory: The Lady Kree, who has been living in Ivory for a couple of years, and helping around the city each day, was found dead in her home this morning. No signs of violence, nor unusual items in her home were found.

Portsmouth: Sir Callin's sister, the lady Heidi Baum, was found dead by the sea this morning.

Teng Hua: The Kitsune Kat, was found dead outside her monastery dorm room.

Unclaimed land near Qua Terreth Nunna: The shaman known to some as Wolf, who while shy, did help the commoners of the area from time to time was found dead on one of the better used trails.

Chimeron: Long time member of the Keep of the Scarlet Torch, lady Kyrel Randi Shadowcat was found dead in her bedroom= this morning.

Near Dark Haven: The traveling alchemist and gypsy known to many commoners as Vaya was found dead in her camp this morning. Vaya had travelled and realms and beyond for many, many years, bringing what aid she could to commoners around the realms.
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