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L'Havre de Foret: A full grown Weeping Willow tree was spotted in the vicinity of the massive Oak tree. A rather unremarkable sight except that hundred of colorful winged people were seen to be dancing and flying around it until late into the night. By morning of the following day, all of the trees surrounding the border of forest were fully grown and blocking any view of the forest within.

Northern Ashenmark & Southern Rhiassa: Reports of several tornadoes touching down in the area. A few farmsteads and their crops were destroyed, and several people were injured, but no fatalities were reported.

Taverns across the Realms: Talk of the pale man offering up gold for information on the dungeon that is hiding away a sword that howls has dwindled after an Elven woman, with golden hair and wearing hunters clothing, has started asking around after the same sword but offering a larger sum of money for the information. She was also asking after a hidden temple in the North that protects an item that laughs on occasion and sometimes causes the bearer to fall in "interesting" ways.

Refugee camps and new villages: Tales of the "White Witch" continue but there is some confusion as to if her passing is a bad omen or good one. As often times sacks of grain and similar foodstuffs have been found near her "victims."
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