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Travellers and refugees around L'Havre de Foret are reporting that the mysterious ground fog has expanded greatly, and those who have ventured close talk of saplings, full of leaves and several years old, sprouting up within the fog. The sounds of laughter within the fog still continue, and some people claim to have seen shapes flitting around the giant oak. Travelers near the coast, just south of the old Wild Woods, talk of a tavern that keep appearing and disappearing where the old Boar's Head used to reside. No two people can agree on it's appearance though, but all agree that the tavern feels friendly and inviting. Refugee camps in Darkvale, Paradise, and Achoria report similar stories of a "white witch" haunting their camps. Some describe her as a pale albino woman, while others claims she is some sort of white half serpent half woman. Those who have encountered her directly say that they felt as if she killed them with a sword that only appeared in her hands just as she was running them through the heart or cleaving off their head. All the victims were found unconscious and showing no signs of injury or ailments once they awoke in a few hours.
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