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Paradise: A number of work crews comprised of Dwarves, with gold symbols on their skin, have appeared from thin air and begun construction on what looks like the base of a large tower. No one has seen where the stone they are using in their construction is coming from, but the nearby piles of stone never seem to run out. Another oddity is that none of the Dwarves appear to be mortaring the stones in place, yet all the stones seem to fit together properly and do not look as if they would topple.

Achoria: The following items have been found imbedded into the base of the altars within the temples of the Five Ladies.
Luna: 2 dozen small white pearls forming the shape of a crescent moon.
Xaos: Half an orb that is as black as the void and has the texture of basalt.
Eris: Half of a very large golden apple with several symbol upon it.
Diskordia: A single white glove with a small train of yellow and green leaves.
Tyche: A large black square with 5 clear crystals attached to it. The square feels like leather and the crystals look to be in the pattern of the 5 pips on a 6 sided die.

L'Havre de Foret: The fog surrounding the large oak has expanded west until it reached the river bordering Ivory. Trees reaching as high as 20 feet have appeared around the edges of the fog overnight. A few travellers near the borders claim to have actually seen the trees grow up from out the ground as saplings and grow as if they were aging rapidly. A woman wearing a blue and white tabard was seen within the fog walking or sometimes running around aimlessly until she shrunk down to the size of a small child and then she vanished. A chorus of giggling voices was said to mark her passing.

Taverns or large refugee campsites across the Realms: A very pale man in adventurers clothing has been seen asking around about a dungeon hidden away, but possibly uncovered with changing of the land, somewhere in which a sword that howls like a wolf is entombed. How much he is offering for any information varies from person to person, but the cheapest offer seems to be over 100 gold.
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