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New Freedom, Mount Mouse Khol: Residents of New Freedom have filed numerous reports of attacks by undead on Mount Mouse Khol. The Undead are generally directed by black-skinned elf-like creatures. One person claims to have seen them being led by a woman with a red cloak. A camp of miners has claimed to they found gold in the Mountain. Several people that have done a little exploring on the Mountain have claimed to see strange lights, hear ethereal voices on the wind, and have found odd crystals littering the landscape. Strangers, settlers and mercenaries of all kinds have flocked to the new land, seeking adventure, treasure and opportunity.

Realms-wide: Victims of the Fade are going missing. While the first few that disappeared were found wandering, more recently, the victims have not been found. Those victims that were recovered after going missing and subsequently imprisoned for their own good are growing even more listless and sedate since being denied their trek. They are neglecting to eat or take care of themselves at all. Concerned friends and family members are at a loss on how to help their suffering loved ones, and wonder if they should let them go.

North of Cawdyll: Commoners in the area claim to have seen a disturbing procession of shadow-beasts, people and a vampire or ghost that looks like the infamous Marra the Darkchilde or worse, Tabitha. The people seemed to be sleepwalking, or perhaps were undead, as they had no expressions on their faces... as if they were not conscious of what was happening. The Shadow-Beasts seemed to be following the directions of the woman, though she made no noise. The Beasts seemed to be herding the people. This troubling procession did not attack anyone, and gave settlements a wide berth. They were heading west from Cawdyll, toward Achoria.
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